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  • The Nine Billion Names Of God Analysis

    Arthur C. Clarke couldn’t have chosen a better title for this brilliant science fiction short story. I’m a sucker for a story with a good title. “The Nine Billion Names of God" revolves around Tibetan Buddhist monks who plan to put together a list that consists of all the names of God. The story opens with Dr. Wagner-- he is asked to work on an automatic sequence computer (Mark V.) that can carry out letters by the lama. They need a computer with letters, so they can write the names of God.…

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  • Zen Confidential Analysis

    “Zen Confidential” is the final reading for this course. It follows the author, Shozan Jack Haubner on his journey from being raised in a conservative Catholic family to becoming a Zen monk. Buddhism differs from Christianity and Islam in that instead of praying to a God, Buddhists reach enlightenment by participating in meditation. They center themselves and work from within. Buddhist monks have a common goal to reach enlightenment and to come to terms with the world. Haubner states that in…

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  • Rinzai Paradoxical Statement

    Rinzai focuses on the use of the Koan. A Koan is paradoxical statement or question used as a meditative tool. Rinzai disciples concentrate on a koan to discover their own nature and become Buddhas. Practitioners must realize himself as the answer to the koan; a koan cannot be answered by knowledge or thinking. If the practitioner focuses solely on the koan, he will forget both the passing of time and the outside world. This will allow the practitioner to unexpectedly “wake up” form their former…

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  • Toxic Masculinity In Point Break

    by all three men. Angelo who is seen as “past his time” is mocked by his younger peers, suffers from toxic masculinity because he let’s his ego get the best of him in seeking to finally be a hero and prove himself to others, thus he ends up dying. Bodhi who controls every person and aspect of his life, who sticks to his values very strictly also suffers from toxic masculinity. When he abandons his values, goes into the vault and steals more money than he needs he becomes too greedy, his greed is…

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  • Autobiography Of High School Essay

    Tayler Walters FYS 100 Autobiography My education has been a little bit spread out in the different variety of schools I have attended. I started my adventure in a Bodhi Tree Montessori school. I started attending Bodhi Tree in Pre-school. I continued to stay at Bodhi Tree all the way through 1st grade. I was so young so I do not remember too much about the environment or the "teachings", all I really do remember was that I was in a Montessori school because my brother had a difficult time…

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  • Buddhism In Thailand Essay

    Buddhism is recognized as the nation religion of Thailand, with over 90% of the population identifying themselves as a Buddhist. Although the government never officially declared Buddhism to be the national religion, the king is required to be Buddhist. Buddhism in Thailand is modeled after the Theravada school of Buddhism and incorporates ideals from Mahayana Buddhism, Hinduism, and the old folk religion of the people. Buddhism originated in India and since then has spread all over the world,…

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  • Buddhist Meditation

    Firstly, in the center of the artwork is Siddhartha Gautama, meditating under a Bodhi tree as it is believed he reached enlightenment whilst meditating under a Bodhi Tree. It is also in the centre of the artwork representing that meditation and reaching enlightenment is at the core of the Buddhists beliefs and duties. In the artwork, Buddha is white which represents that…

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  • The Strength Of Buddhism Essay

    The strength of Buddhism comes from what is know as The Three Jewels, these being The Buddha, The Dharma, and the Sangha. Buddha is the central being whose story of how he became The Buddha, and what he did right after enlightenment, sets up the foundation for what it has come to be a very popular Religion. Even though there are several versions of his story, the main message remains the same and illustrates specific important Buddhist concepts and beliefs. It is my intention to demonstrate…

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  • Essay On Buddhist Temple

    The site that I visited was a Buddhist temple here in Miami called Wat Buddharangsi, Theravada Temple and the belief system they follow is the principle that happiness and good fortune are possible for anyone no matter who you are. Buddhist believed that all negative aspects within your life can be overcome by a strict practice of meditation, which helps the person to develop a positive and peaceful aspect within their lives. The sources of authority within the temple are monks (bhikku) who are…

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  • Hindu Religious Art Essay

    Religious Art of the Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist traditions One of main characteristics of religious art that makes it different from other forms of modern art or contemporary art is the art is being used to convey some sort of religious concept with the intention instructing, reminding, and edifying. In the various statues of Ganeshia, son of Shiva the followers of the Hindu faith are instructed in the ways to overcome Mayan or the dream that they live in. Embedded in the statue are symbols to…

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