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  • EDU 438 Literacy Assessment

    Case Study EDU 438 Literacy Assessment, Diagnosis, and Instruction Kaila Huizinga Introduction The purpose of this case study was to fulfill the requirements of EDU 438. This project was designed to help me make observations on one particular student and make instructional decisions as time went on. During this case study I tutored one child, assessing her reading strengths and weaknesses. I provided materials and lesson plans that helped build on her strengths and help her with her weaknesses.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Time Management

    finding myself juggling my time. While at my former job I felt I had basically mastered my time management skills, I am now trying hard to find a balance in effectively and efficiently distributing my time while learning my new roles. With that being said, my biggest concern about my blended online masters program is distributing my time efficiently. I have been reassessing my time management skills this week since I have…

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  • Learning The Language Of A New Country Analysis

    The Importance Of Learning The Language of New Country I still remember when I was in adult school in the United States, I spent a lot of time to tried my best to memorize hundreds of vocabulary words in English.I was hard pressed to read the novel and do the tests with many strange words. I was afraid and felt nervous when thinking about the embarrassment of those awkward moments when I tried to express my idea in front of my classmates because of my limited English skill. When I look…

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  • Classroom Observation Reflection

    the educational experience because it keeps students involved in the learning process, and studies have shown that there are correlations…

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  • Useful Teaching Theories

    Contrary to what many think, librarians often have to fulfill the role of instructing those in the learning community (library patrons, teachers, etc.) in successfully finding and assessing information. This may be a daily challenge to librarians due to the fact that instruction and teaching theories could possibly not be instilled in his/her educational background. In this paper, I will identify the challenges of useful teaching, which may encourage perspective and current library educators.…

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  • Summary: The Influence Of Technology On Minority Education

    students to work at a slower or faster pace and allowing students to fully understand the material (Hollenbeck. Hollenbeck). However, according to Dr. Jim Taylor, a psychologist, text-only presentations resulted in better recall, understanding, and learning. And reading also developed skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and vocabulary (Taylor). Having technology would then hinder their academic skills due to lessened literacy skills which are frequently used. Also, technology has…

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  • Interpersonal Relationships At Work

    Manage interpersonal relationships at work more effectively Work-life integration is the upmarket buzz; work-life balance is outdating (Santamour, 2015). Moreover importance of expanding space among colleagues for peaceful teamwork and collaboration blended with improvement in socio economic conditions of workers is the next big necessity to survive in a knowledge economy (Gandini, 2015). The dire necessity of integrating work and life, which in turn resulted in sound interpersonal relationship…

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  • Whatsapp Case Study

    2.7. INFLUENCE OF WHATSAPP AS E-LEARNING AMONG STUDENTS The Whatsapp messenger was created by Acton and Koum in 2009 to make communication and the distribution of multimedia messaging more easily and faster. It works with internet connectivity and helps its users to stay in touch with friends and relatives in the contact list. Apart from making its users getting connected with each other, it also helps them to create groups, send images, short videos and audio messages. Seen as the most popular…

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  • Distance Education And Synchronous Distance Learning

    CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.0 INTRODUCTION There exists many definitions for what distance learning or distance education Teaster and Blieszner (1999) say “the term distance learning has been applied to many instructional methods: however, its primary distinction is that the teacher and the learner are separate in space and possibly time”. The most thorough definition was proposed by Desmond Keegan (1995) a leading expert in distance education. Keegan espouses that “Distance education and…

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  • Social Learning And Transfer Of Training Theories

    your audience and understanding, as a trainer, how to deliver the training. These two things will help identify who is taking the training, what the motivation may be, and the methods by which the trainings should be delivered. Understanding the learning and transfer of training theories will help make the training process more effective for all. There are many reasons why staff takes training. Some trainings in the workplace are mandatory while others are required to gain new skills, master…

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