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  • Black Death: A Short Story

    Black death Could this be the end? Why must god put us through this?! Ever since the galley came back people have just been falling. My father came back with huge swollen buboes on his neck and legs. But his pain didn't last long, he died two days after he came back. There was no time to mourn over my father because my mother had gotten ill also. Every time she coughed blood came gushing out of her mouth and she had a very difficult time breathing and was very weak. There was no way she was…

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  • Clean Shave Chapter Summary

    stubble. I think that shaving a dead body would be weird at first but one of the easiest tasks to do later on when I knew the other types of things I would have to do. Day two of her job, Caitlin was fortunate enough to set eyes on Padma. She described her as a black voodoo witch and was completely disgusted by her body. As she continued on with the book she wrote about having to cremate the bodies. She would first have to go to the “fridge” and pull out the right body. She even wrote having…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Rose Of Civil War

    prior to the battle and not a lot of people knew about that place, except those in Lutheran College and Theological Seminary. Little did I know that one day there would be groans of wounded and dying in the air, and filled with shattered and dead bodies everywhere. The terrors of war only known to those who have seen and heard them. Many of fathers, brother, mothers and sisters are gone and sleep their last sleep under the grass. During that horrible fight, my civilian townsmen were as patriotic…

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  • The Book Thief: A Short Story

    Note*** It was not a soul. Liesel woke in a pool of black. A single beam of sunlight hit her eyes through a crack in the mountain of debris that enclosed her. “Hello?” she howled. “Hello?” she exclaimed again, now beginning to pound on the rubble that surrounded her. I was the only one who heard her. For minutes, the book thief worked at the fragments of wood and concrete that surrounded her. When she finally broke free, the sight of dead bodies and broken buildings massacred her eyes.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Unlimited Spirit

    and Corporeal Bodies? We differentiate three distinct types of beings here. One is the highest good in which nothing can surpass. This highest good is God; God is the only unlimited spirit with no end, no beginning and is not limited by space or time. The unlimited spirit has always been and will always be. The limited spirits are all the angels and human spirits that have a beginning, no end and the human spirits are limited by space and time while the associated corporeal body are living…

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  • Arsenic And Old Lace Character Analysis

    getting engaged, she goes and tells her father, the reverend. Elaine is now out of the scene, and as Mortimer was about to tell both of his aunts that he intends to marry Elaine, he finds a dead body in the window seat of the house. He originally thought his brother, Teddy, killed the person whose body he had found in the window seat, and immediately alerts his aunts of his discovery. When he told his aunts they said that they were the ones who killed that man not Teddy, and they did it…

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  • A Rose For Emily Alone Essay

    Do you know how it feels to be alone? If yes, you know it gets very depressing when you have no one to confide in. Can you imagine what Emily was going through? I cannot even fathom what she was going through, but I can try to see why Emily was so single-minded and scared to try new things. In the short story “ A Rose for Emily” we are introduced a character named Emily Grierson, right at the beginning of the story author William Faulkner, tells us Emily is dead and everyone from the town is at…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Timmy's Home

    To Live While they wait, she walks around the small living room again, lifting up the corners of the blinds and peeking out into the darkness. All the windows are closed, but she pushes down at each pane a little to be sure. She feels Timmy’s eyes on her back and she wants to scratch her neck with her torn nails. There aren’t many people around anyway. This was never a populous town, true, but now it’s practically empty. Mr. Wilson, a few houses down, left for bigger cities long ago with…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Case Study Of A Crime Scene

    from for toxicology and biological reasons. The medical examiner also cuts a piece of each organ and places them in a small container; the other pieces of the organs are placed in large, clear plastic bag. After all the organs are pulled from the main body cavity, the head is next. The medical assistant scalps the hair and pulls back the scalp, there is a drill used to open the head if needed. In this case, the victim’s skull was fairly cracked and fell apart revealing the brain. The brain is…

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  • Sigmund Freud's View Of The Uncanny

    because it consists of things many people fear. According to Freud, “Many people experience the feeling [of the “uncanny”] in the highest degree in relation to death and dead bodies, to the return of the dead, and to spirits and ghosts” (Freud 13). In other words, it is common for people to have a fear of death, dead bodies, the return of the dead, spirits and ghosts. Many people fear death and do not want to die, but biology has not been able to come to a conclusion as to whether death is the…

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