Biological Explanations of OCD Essay

  • Case Study: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    traveling and driving is the cause of OCD for Phillip anxiety disorder. It almost seems as Phillip feels like he has no choice due to the past trouble with his previous job with being late. In order to cope with his fear of driving Phillip tries to leave early to account for the multiple pit stops along the way to arrive at work in a timely manner. Phillip is inclined to drive to work to make a living and keep the peace with his girlfriend even with his underlining disorder and disturbing ideas of traveling on the road. Phillips daily morning routine is very specific and organized and it shows that Phillip takes precise gratification in doing things perfectly. Also mentioned in the case study about Phillip is the obsession to continuously make sure his hands are…

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  • Faulty Circuits: Biological Malfunctions Underlie Psychological Disorder

    a. In his paper, Faulty Circuits, Insel suggested that biological malfunctions underlie psychological disorder. He used some modern biology and neuroscience findings to support his argument. Here are three pieces of evidence he used. He first presented a study performed at the National Institute of Mental Health on a serotonin transporter gene of participants with and without depression. It was found that the participants with a short variation of the gene showed smaller brain tissue volume in…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Biological Approach

    Main premises standing behind the science of psychology are an explanation and differentiation between a normal and abnormal behaviour. The way how a society perceived and described the abnormal behaviour has been evaluating throughout the years. Although, these days, two of the most popular models deserve a particular attention. The first one called the biological approach, believes that the abnormal behaviour has its source in a physical difficulties. Second one, the behaviourist approach…

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  • Limitions Of Abnormality And The Definition Of Abnormal?

    Another definition of Abnormal comes from Deviation from social norms. Each culture and society has standards that they see as acceptable behaviour. They are ways of behaving that are expected in a society according to the majority. Members of a society or culture who do not behave or think like the majority and break these norms are often seen as abnormal. With this definition, an individual thinking or behaviour is classed as abnormal if it contradicts or violates the unwritten rules about…

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  • Sigmund Bandura And Skinner B. F) On The Development Of Personality?

    Personality refers to the emotional and physical environment or surrounding that influences the behavior or character of an individual. Through this, the consistent or stable behavior, attitude, interest and capabilities of a person are used to predict their reaction to particular circumstances. Personality development, therefore, is believed to be coined from two significant and contrasting theories, psychodynamic and social learning theories. The psychodynamic theory is among the first…

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  • Social And Medical Models Of Disability Case Study

    and Medical Model of Disability,(nd). In my opinion this statement is appalling as it is not the disabled persons fault that they are suffering with an intellectual or physical impairment. For the many people who have this type of disability it is extremely unfair to regard them of being capable to manage certain activities on their own as it may not seem like a colossal challenge to us but it is for them. Some of the mental disorders associated with this model of disability include,…

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