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  • National Blue Alert Argumentative Essay

    throughout the nation. The Bill was established to initiate a series of alerts to notify the public as to when acts of violence such as the killing or serious harm of a law enforcement officers (California Highway Patrol). Those who oppose the Blue Alert Bill, mainly oppose due to the cost…

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  • Argumentative Essay: What Is The Cadillac Tax Anyway?

    refund arrives: Pay those Pesky Bills Most of us have them and if you don't, well then, you're already one step ahead, but many of us have at least one pesky bill. I'm not talking about a medical bill or credit card. They don't really fit into the pesky bill category, what does, however is a utility bill. NEADA, or the National Energy Assistance Directors Association, released a report recently that shows roughly 15% of all households falling behind on their energy bill alone. The average that…

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  • Personal Narrative: Working Without A Car

    I spent it. Next week another paycheck, I spent that too. My phone bill hasn’t been paid in over 3 months due to no money. And I was having family problems. My car was my get away for all of this. I would go for random rides listening to music, contemplating. Until the recent accident. I woke up on a Sunday, told my parents…

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  • Max 's Life And Life

    credit cards and a car. So by the time Max graduated high school and had to be away on his own, he couldn’t comprehend his parents telling him he had to work to get by. Two weeks before going away to college, reality hit when he ran the credit card bill up 10 grand and his father had enough. Realizing they had made a huge mistake most of his son’s life, Arnold decided that for the duration of college until graduation they were only giving Max an allowance of 500 dollars a month. “How can I…

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  • Love Of Jesus Research Paper

    For my whole life, my parents have been devout followers of the Lord. They make an effort to show it in their day-to-day lives and make a point to instill and show the Love of Christ in others. While I knew that that whole-heartedly believed in Jesus, it was interesting to ask this question explicitly and hear the similarities and differences between both of their answers. It gave me the chance to hear in-depth answers and show me what Jesus had done for them their lives. Jesus for my dad was…

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  • Essay On Life After The Government Shutdown

    Its day three and the food is beginning to run low and bills are beginning to pile up. I finally got a call back today from the clerical job. They are willing to pay me thirteen dollars an hour. I have no choice but to take this job even if I don’t want to. I will have to work full time and in order to make…

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  • Buffalo Bill Research Paper

    Buffalo Bill had a hard life as a kid and after his father abandoned the farm and went to stage driving , he had to help support the family, then after his mother and father passed, he had a family of his own that he could support, because he was a successful rifleman and a buffalo hunter. Buffalo Bill (William Frederick Cody)was born on February 26,1846 to his parents named Isaac Leacock Cody and Mary Ann Leacock Cody. He lived with them until Bill's father abandoned the farm they were at,…

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  • Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

    election came down to a race between democratic Hillary Clinton and republican Donald Trump. Clinton was born on October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. She served as the 67th Secretary of State. Hillary is married to the former United States President Bill Clinton and they have one daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Trump was born on June 19, 1946 in Queens, New York City. He was a businessman, owning The Trump Organization. He is currently married to Melania Trump. His children are Donald,…

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  • Critical Infrastructure Case Study

    A Case Study of the United States Critical Infrastructure There are services within every society that acts as the life force behind its success; whether rudimentary or advanced these services are employed in order to maintain a functional nation. The United States of America is no different, several systems and assets support our nation by providing essential services from water supply, economic, healthcare, communication and transportation (Critical Infrastructure Sectors, 2015). Whether…

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  • Skype Interview Analysis

    the interview starts. Turn off all cell phones, email alerts, and other programs, to avoid from having unwanted notifications. During the interview, avoid from sitting in front of a window or other sources of bright light to keep your picture clear. Bill McGowan (year), founder and of Clarity Media Group, insists to sit at an angle to the camera with your head turned to the camera so your image doesn 't have the look of a “mug shot”, not to sit to close to the screen, and to look into the…

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