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  • Nike Women's Stereotypes

    Women athletes have been present in the media for many years and photos of sports-women in publications in the years 1928, 1956 and 1972 were examined by Poe (1976) who claimed that women appeared only in leisure activities rather than playing competitive sports such as basketball. This supports what Levin (1990) statement, that when women are represented in a competitive way, it is done in a way that is “publicly acceptable”, playing an individual sport such as tennis, rather than team sports.…

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  • Nutrition Class Reflection

    . When I first started taking this class I was very skeptical about it, because the initial plan was to take this class with my friend, however she was unable to be enrolled in the class. When I did my quizzes I did badly as a result I was starting not to like the class, but as the discussion boards went along I realized that if I put an effort into the class I might actually pass it, from then on I decided that I was going to pay attention to my quizzes, discussion boards and be more engaged…

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  • Home Laser Hair Removal Essay

    Why to consider At home laser hair removal as the most advanced method? Description: Since the craze of At home laser hair removal is growing so much therefore you got to try out the same at least once in your life in order to realize the multiple effects of this treatment. The days of tweezing, waxing, electrolysis or depilatory creams are over. Now, body hairs can be comfortably removed with the use of laser treatment. At home laser hair removal has currently taken the place of all kinds of…

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  • Nuclear War Essay

    Codenamed the “Manhattan Project,” the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War 2 was the single-biggest military construction project in history (The Atomic Bombings, n.d.). Responsible for approximately 200,000 casualties, the atomic bomb left a path of total destruction and devastation in these two major Japanese cities (The Atomic Bombings, n.d.). It was the only time nuclear weapons had been used on civilization, which gave us a true idea of what the effects…

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  • Paths Of Glory Analysis

    His first film Killer’s Kiss dealt with greed, masculinity and the decline in human relationships. His second feature, the superior heist film, The Killing dealt with man’s inherit goal of greed, while his third feature, Paths of Glory, reflected an anti-war sentiment that man was more destructive than any machine. In Dr. Strangelove, he concludes that man and his machines will lead to the end of the world. Almost every movie after Dr. Strangelove explored the dark side of human nature.…

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  • Essay On 1970s Fashion

    Introduction My interests in 1970s fashion lead me to interview my mother, Cynthia Cartwright (Cindy) who was a teenager during this period. The 1970s were a time of protesting and fighting for equal rights for women, African Americans, Native Americans, gays and lesbians. Nevertheless, the 1970s were also a time of media influences, like music, television, and magazines. Media was an influence that reached Cindy. An African American teenage girl from St. Louis, Missouri, with not many examples…

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  • Gender Inequality In Popular Films

    According to a case study ‘Gender Inequality in 500 Popular Films’ (Stacy, 2013) by University of Southern California, it examines the gender roles of speaking characters in top-grossing films, through the data to show the gender representation in the mainstream films. In the films that released in 2012, there are out of 4,475 speaking characters on screen, but only 28.4% are female which shows females are grossly underrepresented on screen, this result reflects Mulvey’s view “the character…

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  • Roman Gladiators History

    Another famous ancient Greek weight lifters were Bybon and Eumastas, who lived in the early 6th century B.C. (Crowther, 1977). A sandstone block weighing 315 pounds (143.5 Kg), with a carved out handgrip, was found at Olympia (Figure 6). The stone bore the engraving of the inscription, “Bybon son of Phola, has lifted me over his head with one hand.” another stone, that was even larger (1056 pounds, 480 Kg), found on the island of Santorini, had the inscription, “Eumastas, the son of…

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  • Personal Narrative: Imani Our Party

    Thanks to Leo, Shay, and Imani our party started on time. Imani ended up staying at the party because I didn’t want to leave and walk her back home. We gave Imani strict instructions to lock the door and stay inside of Johaly’s room because there were so many strangers at the house. Imani had a television, phone, food, and even a bathroom. There was no excuse for her to come out of that room. Depending on what time this party ended, Imani and I both may end up staying the night here. The music…

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  • Personal Essay: A Day Without Feminism

    I love feminism. I am a much braver woman because of feminism. Women and men need feminism, just like we need air. We have so many opportunities and things to be thankful for because of feminism. I have hundreds of reasons why I needed feminism, and how I have become a better person because of it. Due to feminism, I have gained more confidence in a healthy body image, a greater understanding of my sister’s sexual orientation, and a greater moral compass. I would never want to go back to a world…

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