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  • The Destruction Of Freedom In George Orwell's 1984

    speaker is wrong or completely crazy. This is the case in the world of George Orwell’s novel, 1984, here these statements are the complete truth. In 1984, Orwell presents his readers with a dystopian world that is under the tyrannical control of Big Brother and the Inner Party. The Party brainwashes the citizens of this society by completely changing the history of the world to show themselves as the greatest thing in the world. The Party even goes as far as creating its own language, Newspeak,…

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  • When Euphemism Manipulates Truth By George Orwell

    without the people reading it being aware that what they read is edited before it reaches them. Later in the article it says, “....unaware of any commercial wiretaps software includes audit features..”, just like in 1984 where the telescreens lets “Big Brother” see what citizens are doing. Meanwhile in “This Smartphone Tracking Tech Will Give You the Creeps” , it says “skyhook developed the first hybrid location system to use WiFi positioning…”. Determine the coordinates of a device, even…

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  • Comparing Divergent 'And 1984'

    many different types that have been created. Not only have there been governments with the rule of the people, there are also governments that are run by one leader or dictator. In the story 1984 the government is run by an organization called Big Brother. This government is like a dictatorship as they are able to watch over and listen to everything you say and do. In the movie Divergent the people are divided up into 5 different factions that are controlled by the government. However the people…

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  • The Importance Of Man Vs. Society

    was too late, “But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother” (1984). Wilson’s stand becomes nothing and the proper authorities deal with him and eliminate his individuality, which he could not hope to conceal, and he is left as just another mindless and fearful citizen under Big…

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  • Individuality In George Orwell's 1984

    Smith is the epitome of a citizen possessing individuality within Oceania as his efforts to maintain self-control of his progress in this totalitarianism society work against him. His distrust in humanity is the root cause of his rebellion against Big Brother. As he and his new love, Julia, revolt against Oceania’s laws through their individuality, O’Brien catches, captures, and betrays them. Brought into the Ministry of Love, Winston is endures torture and mind control in effort to invert…

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  • Panoptic Design And Totalitarianism In 1984, By George Orwell

    panoptic design and totalitarianism ideologies are shown entirely within the pages of 1984 by George Orwell. The mind within, is a trap. Imagine living within the dystopian society of 1984, where thinking is wrong. Big Brother is the trigger that catches all those who question Big brother. There is only one way to survive in a world where ideas are commonly practiced and enforced is to become one with yourself. Which boils down and leaves but one choice, trust cannot be put in the hands of…

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  • Symbolism In V For Vendetta And 1984

    on every poster and telescreen in Oceania, with the caption “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” (3). Big Brother’s face is intentionally meant to look strong but caring in order to make the proletariat masses both respect and fear him. He is revered as an all-knowing perfect leader who never makes mistakes and cares for each citizen. Even the name Big Brother implies that he is both familial, yet wiser and more powerful than you are. Big Brother represents the aspects that the party wants the…

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  • Doublethink Analysis

    Whether they were born into the Party as true believers, or brainwashed to enforce the Party’s principles, true believers plague Big Brother’s society. Created by the horrors of the Party, O’Brien is a unique true believer. Although he was once a rebel to the party, he now serves as a spy for the thought police, uncovering rebels like Julia and Winston. He openly accepts and enforces…

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  • Comparing 1984 And The Film The Matrix

    The novel 1984 and the film The Matrix have many common themes and characters, but are also very different stories. The first similarity of the two works is between 1984’s Thought Police and The Matrix’s agents. In 1984, the Thought Police control everything and are always watching; looking for inappropriate actions, behaviour, or even expressions. On the other hand, the agents do very similar things in the matrix and through this they have created a “prison for the mind” (Wachowski and…

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  • Winston Smith: A Tragic Hero

    George Orwell’s protagonist in 1984, Winston Smith, is just one of many in an era of modern antiheroes. He represents all that is undeniably average in a world wrecked with an oppressive government and a constant state of war. However, this plays to his advantage by making connecting and empathizing with him easier. His rebellious nature ensures an ability to be endowed with the bravery to defy and push the limits of the Party’s authority. Typically, heroes are meant to possess powerful or…

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