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  • Sam Septic: A Short Story

    name Jackaboy and his best friend named Sam Septic. The two of them were running through a farm looking for potatoes one day, when they came across a hole in the middle of the fields on their way to their homes. Sam Septic was running too fast and tried to keep his balance from falling but fails. Jackaboy calls the farmers for help but it seemed that they weren't close enough to the farm. Sam Septic was too far down to be seen by Jackaboy. Jackaboy was afraid that his best friend might be dead…

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  • Treadmill Persuasive Essay

    contemplated buying a treadmill. Forgoing on that costly gym membership and avoiding the winter cold or summer heat is a smart decision for anyone serious about running. But, which treadmill should the serious runner buy? A non folding treadmill will be the best bet for anybody who regularly runs. While a folding treadmill can save a bit of space, it is of no help to be continually pulling it out every day to run, in addition to its clear deficiencies to a non folding treadmill. A non folding…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Listening To My Story

    around or am i ?.but so far we have had a good live the past 5 years within that time span im in 5th grade i'm a a b b c kinda guy for grades now my dad got a new job a teacher and he teaches me for lunch every day he eats with me on fridays is the best because that's when i get my favorite fast food mcdonald's of course people say or your so fat your ugly but my dad has other things to say to the parents and people tend to not make fun of me unless there parents just don't…

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  • Love Maybe Book Report

    For my novel study on the book Love? Maybe. I didn’t use any background information for my understanding of the story because my book is not a part of a series or made into a movie. As the story begins, the main character, named Piper Paisley, is talking to her friends Jillian and Claire in the candy shop she works in, called Jan The Candy Man, and she is stocking up the truffle pyramids while Jillian talks to her about Valentine's day, which happens to be Piper’s birthday. Jillian is trying…

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  • Koveralls: The Global Fashion Industry

    Everyone has at least a pair of jeans in the wardrobe, no matter you are aged or young, plump or slim, dressily or plain. This type of garment made from denim can be easily seen, whenever and wherever you walk on streets. Nevertheless, in the 1800s, no one could have predicted that a denim storm blown up from Levi-Strauss would rip through the global fashion industry and have kept the standing room for more than a century ahead. In 1850, a news fanaticized the public and brought the infinity…

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  • Swot Analysis Levi's

    towards the American Northwest. Midwest farm regions and animal productions were increasing. Economy was growing and manly new markets were opening. People were also migrating to the west due to the California Gold Rush. This helped open Levi Straus & Co. that was found in 1853 in San Francisco by Levi Strauss. Levi Strauss opened wholesale stores and small general stores to sell clothes, boots, blankets, and handkerchiefs in the west side of America. In this picture, Levi 's used slice of life…

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  • Jeff Van Duzer Why Business Matters To God Analysis

    Why Business Matters Jeff Van Duzer (Van Duzer), author of “Why Business Matters to God,” said there’s another way of doing business other than strictly for profit or shareholder value. Van Duzer describes the purpose of business from a Christian perspective as that, “ business is called first not for profit, but to participating in the work of advancing God’s kingdom by creating meaningful work for people offering goods and services that enable communities to flourish (Van Duzer, 2010).”…

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  • Personal Narrative: Gabrielle's Impact On My Life

    Many people have had an impact on my life, but none quite like my best friend, and partner in crime, Gabrielle. Sure, typical and cliché people such as my mom, dad and teachers have had an impact on my life in some shape or another, but not to the extent that Gabrielle has impacted my life. She has been with me and walked with me throughout my early childhood until the present, difficult time of becoming a young adult and learning lessons essential to my livelihood. She steadfastly joined me in…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Best Friend's Suicide

    In the ninth grade my best friend attempted suicide. The doctors have no idea how she survived. When she overdosed on hydrocodone and some of her father’s prescription medicines, it had caused severe intestinal bleeding. Nobody knows how she lived from that. I remember going to the hospital to see her when she was in her near death state of being. She looked as if somebody had took a knife, cut an incision in her, and just let her blood drain out from her limp body. I was afraid to hug her. I…

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  • Dialogue Essays: Remembrance Of Skylar

    Remembrance “Too many people think”, Skylar whispered under her breath. She was stuck in her English class with others whom she just simply referred to as imbeciles. It was a slow class that seemed to never end. The clock ticked, but no time passed. A dark room with little color. Skylar can remember the days she enjoyed this class, that’s why she came back. I guess she was happier then...she thought so too. It was two years ago, same class, same teacher, different circumstance. The tables were…

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