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  • Hate Crimes And Hate Groups: Documentary Analysis

    My production group chose to do the documentary that I pitched about the increase in hate crimes and hate groups, specifically anti-Muslim violence, that has occurred over the last few years, particularly in relation to the presidential election. I chose to frame the incident around the specific incident in which a Muslim student was threatened to be lit on fire if she did not remove her hijab because it was the most shocking local incident that has occurred and I thought it would be a…

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  • Copper Sulfate Lab

    factors that might have affected the experiment were the limited time that was available for this experiment and that my mixture started with a mass of 38.56 grams instead 37 grams. The time affected the experimental results because the filtration process took longer than expected to filter through the filter paper. Therefore when the starch was put into the dryer oven, there was also water and copper sulfate remaining in the starch. This copper sulfate contamination of the starch is why the…

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  • My Writing Style Essay

    Just like anything or anyone in this world we go through experiences. Some being lousy while other experiences are a part of who you are and made you better in some way. As a writer we go through experiences too,Some of them may be lousy while others teach you about yourself and how good of a writer you are.Through writing you also figure out what type of writing is more convenient for you and what style you prefer to write in. While you also may discover that a certain topic or writing style…

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  • Nozick's Chapter On Emotions

    Chapter 9: Emotions Nozick’s first words on his chapter on Emotions are as follows: A large part of how we feel about life is shaped by the emotions we have had and expect to have and that feeling too (probably) is an emotion or a combination of them,” (Nozick, pg. 87). From this Chapter, we were give three conclusions, but for this essay I will only focus on two. Conclusion 2: Emotions are not just feelings Conclusion 3: Human beings are better off with emotions than if they were lacking…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Importance Of Writing

    There are two types of people in this world, those who understand the importance of writing and those who do not. The importance of writing struck me a year ago when my english class read Martin Luther King Jr.’s letters from Birmingham jail. MLK was a professional writer and a well-known leader amongst the people in his time, a time in which the only power the black man had could be exercised through writing. I am not seeking any power, but to be an accomplished writer. To me, people that have…

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  • John Sinnett: Video Analysis

    children level so that the students can see that he was motivated about the lesson just like them. For me, I believe that John was doing the right thing by modeling the process. Students that are that young are not aware of how the writing process works.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey Away From The Writing Process

    After six years away from the writing process coming back and writing essays seemed like a task destined to fail. In high school my writing was, as far as I remember, excellent. I can recall receiving a writing assignment and completing it effortlessly without a single problem. However, when I entered this class that ease to completion was gone. Throughout the semester I have struggled with sentence structure and punctuation but have learned new and interesting ways to revise and correct those…

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  • Comparing Orwell's And Joan Didion

    n comparing George Orwell's and Joan Didion's writing pieces there are many different factors in triggering an author’s imagination to come up with what they want to write, and why they want to write it. Both authors made very descriptive points to how their minds wander on and off their writings while trying to write, concluding into two very different styles. They both often were writing about what they didn’t want to write about before they actually wrote what they wanted too .In most writers…

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  • Decision Paralysis In Dan Pink's 'The Puzzle Of Motivation'

    In Made to Stick, Chip and Dan Heath argue that the six criteria of stickiness make every idea more memorable and powerful. They target business-leaders, policy-makers, and teachers. The first criterion is Simple, which has two required prongs: Core, which focuses the text, and Compact, which keeps a text concise (Heath 45-46). The second criterion is Unexpected, which opens and closes knowledge gaps to keep the target audience’s attention (65). Dan Pink’s TedTalk “The Puzzle of Motivation”…

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  • Dill Harris Character Analysis

    Many people may think minor characters don't contribute at all to the structure of a book. But much of the importance of a minor character comes from the way they help shape other major characters. Along with forming these elements, minor characters also help develop and establish new themes throughout the book. They support the progression in the plot while giving additional understandings about major characters. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a complex novel that gives insights into…

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