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  • A Reflection Of My Writing

    “You could have done this better.” This phrase encompasses the culmination of my writing experience. Throughout my scholastic experience, I have never truly developed a grasp of the concepts that come with being a great, or even a decent, writer. I have always gravitated towards the mathematical side of school, as I understood it and knew what I had to do. In math, they assign you a problem, and it has one clear solution. Given a problem, I would be able to analyze it and figure out a way to…

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  • Sensitization Vs Sensitiation Strategies

    The purpose of Learn Self Defense was to convince the audience to take some form of personal safety class, while staying semi-neutral on the gun control controversy; Sensitization was intended to teach the audience the process of an allergic reaction in a memorable, thought provoking manner. Both fulfilled their goals, but Self Defense was considered emotionally powerful whereas Sensitization was merely interesting. I found the contrast rather intriguing, as I had previously…

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  • Work Under Pressure Research Paper

    have to think of something and write it down as fast as I can. However, this strategy may not work all the time, since this quarter I have a lot of assignments and exams because I am enrolling in 6 classes, so I have to adapt and adjust my writing process. Fortunately, I have learnt some new strategies…

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  • Student Writing Issues

    study focused on the quality, quantity, and the revision process. The data showed there was a positive effect on the quantity of writing using a computer. The effect was stronger for students in middle and high school. The word processor affected the quality of the writing but the effect was smaller. Students who used computers made more changes to the writing than students using pencil and paper. The research showed the writing process was more collaborative and involved. There was an…

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  • Summary Of Process-Relational Philosophy

    1. What was the reading about? What new information did it provide? C. Robert Mesle in the book Process-Relational Philosophy claims that God has gone through experiences of all sorts. Based on this argument, he further mentions Whitehead’s claims about the “primordial nature of God.” (PR 46, 343-51) This is to state that God has “no moral character.” In the book, Process Theology A Basic Introduction, C. Robert Mesle claims again that the freedom of the world has to deal with God and God’s…

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  • Nancy Sommers Writing Process Analysis

    Osborne is a great example of someone who defies this set criteria. His writing process has criteria that fits in both spectrums and therefore prevents him from being placed into any single group. Osborne himself would most likely agree that his writing style is very unique and can not be classified into a standard style or writing.…

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  • Personal Experience: A Personal Narrative Of My Writing

    Throughout my life, I have grown to idealize the realm of storytelling. Fictional worlds and their inhabitants have interested me more than the subjects of math or history. Being able to create my own written adventure has always been a dream of mine. My desire to do so have driven me to put countless hours towards scribing a story that is personal, potent, and mine. I find writing to be an outlet for my creative and a long-term goal wrapped into one. I'm proud to say that I truly give it my all…

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  • Personal Narrative In My Writing

    So i'm going to be meditative in my essay because when i write about my feelings i feel so much better and i don't really have a best friend to really talk to and maybe this isn't like meditative but it helps me concentrate and actually have something interesting to write about. Everything i change will be in blue writing, and so far while rereading my essay I started a lot of sentences with “So” So to start of I joined a sorority and m not trying to be those typical “it was the best decision…

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  • The Happiness Advantage

    Achor, Shawn. The Happiness Advantage: the Seven Principles That Fuel Success and Performance at Work. Virgin 2011. Shawn Achor the author of “The Happiness Advantage” an American Educator and author. Achor, was an avid happiness researcher and is known for his propagation for positive psychology. In 2007, Achor was founder and co-founder of many organizations such as GoodThinkInc, and The Institute of Applied Positive Research. The company's purpose is to provide researchers, speakers, and…

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  • Perfect Day: A Short Story

    Complaining It was your first day of school and it feels as though nothing could go worse. You had the perfect outfit picked out, your hair is curled, and you are so excited for the day. As you eat the breakfast that your mom makes you, you little brother accidently spills his orange juice on you. This forces you to start your day by having to change the outfit you were so excited to wear. Instinctively you start to get mad, but you decide you just want to make the rest of the day good so you…

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