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  • My Fair Lady In Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion

    Though many scholars may harshly criticize My Fair Lady for not adhering to Bernard Shaw’s intentions for Pygmalion, it is my conviction that the musical’s additions to his play should be celebrated, not castigated. The costumes, scenery, actions, and especially the songs significantly develop the characters, greatly enhance its comedic aspects, and fine tune many of Shaw’s themes; they are indispensable in gaining a full appreciation of Pygmalion. Songs play a vital role in developing Shaw’s…

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  • Differences Between My Fair Lady And Pygmalion

    It wasn’t any different for Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. In 1964, the famous play by the Irish playwright hits the big screen, and viewers get to witness the extraordinary story of Eliza Doolittle as she transforms herself into an upper class women. Even though both novel and film have similarities, they also share some major differences. One of the major differences was that My Fair Lady was a musical, while the novel by George Bernard Shaw was a written play. In the movie,…

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  • Existentialism In The Outsiders

    Truth ts very often stranger than fiction, and it is true but strange that my three favorite books are called “The Outsiders”. Chances are you did not escape high school without a reading of S. E Hinton’s “The Outsiders.” This bittersweet tale of borderline blue-collar youth struggling to survive in a bleak urban environment is haunting and strange. Some of the denimed protagonists are still in high school, where they fight with the upper-class “Soc” boys and reveal surprisingly sensitive…

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  • Feminism And Gender Roles In Saint Joan By Bernard Shaw

    many different aspects of society, but at the core they advocate the equal treatment of men and women. Women have been viewed as less significant and less influential than men throughout history, based upon the gender roles in which society imposes. Bernard Shaw uses the preface of Saint Joan to challenge the confining gender roles imposed upon women, by conveying how Joan is treated in her own time, the portrayal of her in literature and the importance of her physical appearance to historians. …

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  • Banned Books Research Paper

    “ George Bernard Shaw wrote this quote, and I totally agree with him. I've seen so many books be banned, and some for no reason. But the books that people like to read, always somehow end up being banned. If everyone just keeps banning books because they don't believe…

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  • Stereotypes In 'King Henry V'

    Joan, and King Henry V are similar in which they both lack the rights of women. They disrespect women in the sense of itemizing, name calling, and stereotyping. In scene 1 from Saint Joan: A Chronicle Play In Six Scenes And An Epilogue by George Bernard Shaw, the scene shows that there is little to no trust in women during the 14th century. The lack of women's respect is shown in the scene by the…

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  • Pygmalion And The Importance Of Being Earnest

    Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, The Razors Edge by Edmund Goulding, and The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde all portray an example of Corruption Trivializing the Rich. Each one of these movies has characters that are corrupted or doing the corrupting due to their wealth. Whether they are corrupt and wealthy due to their upbringings or are recently becoming corrupt, all these movies portray the life of the rich and their behaviors to find who they really are. The story of Pygmalion…

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  • Pygmalion And My Fair Lady Analysis

    Stephen King once said, “Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different.” Stephen King’s quote about the difference between books and movies exemplifies the contrast between the play, Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw, and the movie adaptation, My Fair Lady. Although both highlight the importance of phonetics and the teacher-student relationship that Henry and Eliza share, the alterations of the characters in the movie make it highly unrealistic. Henry…

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  • Change In Pygmalion, By George Bernard Shaw

    The people of the earth go through changes all of the time, whether the person being a real person or if it being a character in a video game, television show, or even in a book. In books, most characters experience some kind of change. In George Bernard Shaw’s book Pygmalion the main character Eliza Doolittle experiences many different changes, presented by the themes of the book. The three main themes Eliza Doolittle experiences are, class separation, transformation, and as well as the…

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  • The Shaw Festival Alice In Wonderland Analysis

    An Analysis The History of Shaw: The Shaw Festival, created in 1962, is a defining attribute of the Canadian theatre scene. Founded by Torontonian lawyer Brian Doherty, a mere twelve years following the death of the festival’s name sake, George Bernard Shaw, the festival started as what Doherty referred to as “something (they) believe in” (Henkin). Snowballing faster, the originally small courthouse performance troupe grew into a non-profit organization with a theatre sitting just over 320…

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