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  • Remedial Classes

    In the article “Increasing Access to College: An Education Mistake,” by Toby, Jackson, he proposes the importance of secondary education systems not educating up to their maximum potential. Lack of preparation leads to daily life struggles for young adults. Students must be properly prepared prior to their college admission for a smooth and successful educational transition. Secondary schools are failing in their education system, forcing colleges and universities to lower their standards for…

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  • Mohammed Ali Life And Time Analysis

    In this project I would like to talk about my Written/Linguistic Rhetoric and the book that I chose for it was Mohammed Ali: Life and Time, by Thomas Hauser. I always want to be motivated and try not to give up for whatever I want, I knew that by working and keep doing the hard work I will achieve what I really want. However, when I was 13 years old my older brother left home and he went to the US to study and since that day I had this dream to go and study in the US to learn a new language,…

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  • Youth Violence And Bullying Victims

    The date was December 18th, 2016. He walks in and throws his things on the table, frustrated and depressed with how his life is going. He’s stressed by the amount of schoolwork he has to do for his classes, he’s disappointing his parents by failing said classes, and he’s being made fun of at school for being an idiot. He ignored it at first, but slowly and surely it got to him. With his life falling down around him and not thinking he’ll amount to anything due to the amount of failure he’s had…

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  • German Immigration Research Paper

    In college i will also try my hardest to get a good job and i will pay off my student loans with scholarships and my job. I will then mooch money off people i know and also get job (hopefully on a famous place like hollywood) until i get enough money to start…

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  • Essay Benefits Of Wrestling

    There are many reasons that kids get up and go to school everyday. Some go because they are forced. Some go because they actually like school and care about their grades. Other people go to school just because they want to play sports. Wrestling is a high school sport that many people, both guys and girls, like to participate in. Wrestling is a good sport to be apart of because it teaches a person a lot of different things. There are also things that aren’t as good when it comes to…

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  • Self Serving Bias Theory

    Self-Serving Bias Theory The self-serving bias theory is a process where you place yourself on a higher pedestal than you deserve to be. You feel as though you are more favorable than what is accurate. When I was younger, in about fifth or sixth grade I believed I was an amazing singer. This was not because of anything that other people had told me, but instead because I heard myself and I truly thought I sounded amazing. I had a friend that was actually a good singer at the time, and she got…

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  • Rickey Laurentiiis Analysis

    The first speaker of the night was Thorvaldsen. Guy teaches writing at Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin, and is also a carpenter, husband, and father. At the poetry reading, he also mentioned how thrilled and thankful he was that his daughter had accompanied him that evening. The first poem he read was titled, “50 buttons,” from…

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  • Pass Through Approach Essay

    youth of our Nation. College dropouts are on the rise in Missouri and there is currently a 50% drop out rate from first year community college students that fail to return for a second year. Studies suggest that the two main causes for this are academic unpreparedness/educational burnout and tuition costs. To better understand what this means we must first classify the terms. Academic unpreparedness is directly related to high school students not really preparing for college or students that…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should The School Year Be Extended?

    give an explanation on why students should go to school less. This essay will explain that summer allows teens to save up for college, teachers and students are already exasperated, it costs more, and the farming season would hinder many children. The first reason why the school year should not be longer is because summer break allows teens time to earn money for college. This is necessary because all the standard expenses of…

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  • Becoming A Mentor

    A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained. It is easy to give up on a goal that is challenging and uncommon. My past struggles with self-acceptance and depression is the driving force behind all of my goals. “Lead by Example: Mentoring is a Priority” serves to bring awareness to impact mentoring has on our youth in schools, communities, and households. It strives to give our youth the tools to success and confidence to break down all barriers of…

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