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  • Argument Essay: The Role Of The Arts In Education

    classes that they partake in, however, their options are very limited. Once in high school, the educational opportunities really start to open up, with the potential for exposure to many topic areas not previously experienced becoming available. In college, if one chooses to pursue his or her education that far, the opportunity only broadens. Throughout all these levels of education, there are core, or required classes. These classes include math, science, and English. At the elementary school…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Experience At Cumberland University

    College. The very thing that many of us young adults think about from the end of middle school through senior year. For some, the entire process seems to be so natural while others spend years questioning if they will even make it there. I am one of those students that spent years questioning if I could make it there. "Statistically" I should be a high school dropout and college was out of the question because most of my family did not go. I have struggled for years with some type of learning…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Year In High School

    “Time to wake up, my senior!” said my mother. I thought this would be another first day of school, but this day would change my life forever. It was the first day of my senior year. I had awaited this day since I could remember. After getting dressed, I got into my vehicle to see old and new faces. When I arrived, I felt a sigh of relief, “My last first day of school”. I was greeted by some teachers and a couple of friends. We walked to the library, where we were required to get our class…

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  • Title IX: Female Athletes

    gives out the urge to go on. Feeling how women did before Title IX, with so little number I am thankful for what I have. Title IX has empowered women in many ways. Seeing, the attention women got, the characteristics, the changes in high school and college, and the effects of Title IX, it is clear how life has changed. Female athletes that played…

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  • Why Is It Difficult To Work Hard To Be Free For Everyone

    more money for everyone. The United State has ridiculous college prices, even the community colleges. This causes many people to go in student debt. Many people try to avoid that. The reason being is that many people end up paying a lot more. That is because of the horrible interest rates that the banks charge young students. When I graduated high school, I was not ready for college expenses. I did not have the money to go to a four year college. I also couldn't take loans because the…

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  • Why Students Fail In College Essay

    enroll in college, with big dream and to achieve their goals. However, numerous students fail in college due to several reasons. There are many reasons why students fail in college some of them are: lack of motivation, wrong choice of major, lack of time management, and lack of preparation in high school. Lack of motivation is the first main reason of students failing in college. Students don’t like to work hard; they can’t concentrate and thus gave up easily. Students think that college is…

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  • Katherine Johnson Research Paper

    Jhamiya Sumpter Period 6 2/15/18 Katherine Johnson Katherine Johnson is an African American woman who is from White Sulphur Springs, West Virgina and attended West Virgina college in 1937 studying Mathematics and French. Katherine Johnson was very brilliant she went to high school at the age of thirteen because she was very intelligent with her numbers. Katherine Johnson was also the third African American to earn her PhD in Mathematics. Katherine Johnson contributed to space…

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  • Analysis Of Former High School Dropouts By Vicky Hallett

    Unlike many students who take their education for granted, there are a wide variety of children who are not even given the opportunity to develop their education. We face the troubling fact that students from across the world are dropping out rapidly due to several different but concerning circumstances. Fortunately, after an overview of the article, “Former High School Dropout Joins Peace Corps, Helps New Dropouts” by Vicky Hallett there is still an iota of hope out there. The author sends…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Cheating In College

    I was taught not to cheat the moment my feet touched the classroom. In grade school, we are told that cheating is a bad thing to do. In high school, cheating was a poorly kept secret among the student population. In college, cheating is a temptation that students must abstain from in order to receive the best possible education that they can. Taking the honest path will ultimately benefit students the most by practicing positive traits like honesty, and integrity. However, the pressure to…

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  • Barclays Premier League Organizational Change

    In 1992, on May the first division of football league was resigned and the groups formed “The Super League” later the name was changed to Premier league. This transforming increased the revenue because new TV contract were established, and the revenue that was collected enabled this group of English teams to try to catch up with their Italian and Spanish counterparts especially in the department of money. The Barclays Premier League currently is the biggest constant annual worldwide sporting…

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