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  • Germany And Austria-Hungary Alliance Analysis

    As the war between Europe both the Entente powers (Britain, France, and Russia) and the Central Powers (Germany and Austria-Hungary) were in a secure alliance with Italy. Things got complicated for Italy when they noticed they were committed to two conflicting alliances. The first, with Germany and Austria- Hungary, which was known as the Triple Alliance of 1882 and this alliance was known publically; the second, with France, was a secret alliance. On the 2nd of August Italy formally announced a…

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  • Dystopia In Animal Farm By George Orwell

    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” This quote was written by George Orwell in his book Animal Farm, one of Orwell’s most famous novels. Throughout history the subject of a distant dystopia has always been explored in many works of literature. The possibility of humanity falling into a bleak and totalitarian society has always fascinated readers. These stories and themes can come to define an author and their legacy as a writer. There is no greater example of…

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  • Transnationalism In Mexico

    incorporate itself within movies. Director Emilio Fernandez 1942 Soy puro Mexicano film focused on the life of a Mexican bandit who combated red spies. The term “red spies” is used to described the Fascist party leaders Adolf Hitler, Hirohito, and Benito Mussolini. This incredibly melodramatic movie could be interpreted as a criticism of Mexican-American soldiers who have fought someone else’s war. The 1951 film, Aca las tortas, presents the life of an elderly couple who have worked to provide a…

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  • Emile Durkheim's Theories On The Power Of The Self

    Discussion “The individual does not have the power to change a sign in any way once it has become established in the linguistic community; I mean that it is unmotivated, i.e. arbitrary in that it actually has no natural connection with the signified…” (Lemert, 2013, p. 116). Actually I don 't agree on this, I believe that the individual is the highest value, the freedom of him is of the highest. Always the individual is ignored in favour of the group and has no value, and this is the good reason…

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  • The Power Of Gun Control In The United States

    Gun control. Two words that have been fought and debated over for hundreds of years. Two words that have caused war in countries around the world. Two words that Communist and Dictatorship parties have used to disarm their own people and others for total control. Now, the United States is facing the same problem more than ever. In this twenty first century, the United States government is try everything they got in their arsenal to win the battle for gun control. The ones who are doing the…

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  • European Study Notes: The Schlieffen Plan

    European Study Guide Adam Smith: Economist and philosopher who wrote : "bible of capitalism," The Wealth of Nations, in which he details the first system of political economy (concepts of division of labor and economic wealth). This was his first work dedicated to the study of political economy Economics of the time were dominated by the idea that a country’s wealth was best measured by its store of gold and silver. Smith proposed that a nation’s wealth should be judged not by this metric…

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  • Cosa Nostra War

    The Cosa Nostra formulated the Sicilian Mafia Commission or “La Cupula” to resolve intermafia issues. In 1962, La Cupula was formed between all of the Cosa Nostra bosses. La Cupula was instrumental in ending the first Mafia War. Keeping the peace between the Mafia bosses was a tough task, but it was necessary in order to complete political actions. As long as the mafiosos could cooperate and not give up other mafiosos positions, the entire operation would benefit. This was all that was…

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  • Adam Smith's The Shape Of The New: Four Big Ideas

    When we look back at individuals that are commonly known to have shaped the course of history, we often think of grand names of political leaders and conquerors such as Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, etc. It is easy to map out the differences they have made in the world because they are usually physical, actually altered geographical borders. However, we often fail to acknowledge the effect that lesser known names have had on the history of mankind, through ideas and…

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  • What Is The Theme Of The President Vanishes, By Rex Stout

    The mere act of living was a struggle at the beginning of the 1930s. The last third of 1929 had plunged the United States into the worst economic disaster in its history. The task of resolving the crisis fell into the hands of President Herbert Hoover, who simply increased the damage. In 1933, people hoped that Franklin Delano Roosevelt could save the country with his New Deal, but growing threats from international powers promised a new impending conflict. With unemployment rates at an all-time…

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  • How Did The Ottoman Empire Ally Itself In Ww1

    plain the disruption of the fragile balance of power in Europe. The balance of power was distributed in "two rival alliances, the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria, and Italy and the Triple Entente of Russia, France, and Britain" by the beginning of the 20th century. 2. What drew the Great Powers of Europe into a general war by early August 1914? Reasons that drew to the war included alliances with Germany and Russia, and with Russia came alliances with France and Britain in attempt to…

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