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  • Sports And Sports: The Importance Of Sports

    future. Coaches use criticism to teach their athletes as well which is a big learning tool. Young athletes learn how to receive constructive criticism which helps them know what they are doing wrong and what they need to change. Another personal benefit is children learn how to handle adversity. Young athletes learn about the feeling after a lost or making a bad play. Although, this could feel horrible athletes need to learn how to overcome this feeling so that it doesn’t come again. As the…

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  • New Mexico Case Study

    County, Richard B. Traub, D.J., reversing a decision of the Unemployment Security Commission and awarding benefits to discharged employee. The Supreme Court, Sosa, J., held that employee’s insubordination, improper attire, name calling and other conduct evidencing wilful disregard of employer’s interests constituted ‘misconduct’ disqualifying her from receiving certain unemployment benefits. Reversed. Attorneys and Law Firms *576 **697 Heidel, Samberson, Gallini & Williams, Jerry L. Williams,…

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  • Challenges Of Retaining Diverse Employees

    hiring and retaining those diverse employees? Here are a few solutions for this issue; 1- Diverse labor force demands diverse employee benefits One of the solutions to attract diverse employees is to actually have a diverse and flexible benefits package and competitive base pay. Different people will value different things. Employees usually consider a good benefits package and salary to…

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  • Do You Believe In The Benefits Of Men And Women Marriage

    Well, do you believe in the benefits that we see in marriage today for men and woman? Well, I do, for the reason is that there are a lot of benefits that we in men and woman marriage today in the world. Some of the topics that I will be talking about being with: why woman does more of the housework than men this day, and why married men earn more money than single men. Also, I will be talking about the benefits in men marriage and the benefits of woman marriage. The benefits that we saw in men…

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  • Employer Insurance Benefits

    Employers in the United States provide compensation to workers who carry-out duties that benefit a business. Compensation is made up of wages and fringe benefits. Fringe benefits consist of health insurance and retirement benefits. Historically, employers and employees split the cost share of employer sponsored health insurance. Employers, often with the heavier burden, offer health insurance benefits to their employees at a pre-taxed amount. Employers have a vested interest in keeping a…

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  • Compensation Case Study

    INTRODUCTION: Benefits are over and above wages and salaries offering provided to employees as part of compensation. They can be called as fringe benefits, perquisites, non-financial benefits, and soft benefits. These have been offered since colonial times, but gained popularity during the World War. The government used it to attract people to join armed forces. Ever since then benefits have become integral part of compensation and have been used as a recruiting, retaining strategy for…

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  • Should Minimum Wage Be Raised?

    Nationally there is a debate on rather the government should raise the minimum wage standards. Minimum wage can be defined as the lowest wage an employer can pay an employee. According to Daniel B. Klein and Dompe Stewart, minimum wage is an important tool in fighting poverty and helps equalize the imbalance in bargaining power that low-wage workers face in the labor market (126). Many believe that raising the minimum wage will help the economy, but studies show otherwise. There are more…

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  • Advantages Of Total Rewards

    employee receives for being employed at that company. Most total rewards programs consist of compensation, benefits, work-life, recognition and development. “Total reward embraces everything that employees value in the employment relationship” (Armstrong, 2007). Geico is an example of a company who has excelled at creating a total rewards program for their employees. They focus on providing benefits that will help employees achieve physical, financial and personal well being. Their total rewards…

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  • Compensation And Employees : Compensation Philosophy

    retain, and motivate their employees. More than a wages and salary earned by employee, compensation also includes benefits provided. An official statement specifying a company’s standpoint on compensation is known as compensation philosophy. According to the article, “It essentially explains the “why” behind employee pay and creates a framework for consistency. Employers can benefit from being transparent about their compensation philosophy and having an official pay strategy” (SHRM, 2015).…

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  • Triple F Compensation Case Study

    Triple-F: Benefits and Compensation Regardless of the industry, the workforce employed by virtually any company represents the keystone of that company’s overall success. For non-profit organizations, however, hiring and maintaining a viable workforce becomes all the more important since the company is often dependent upon the goodwill of its donors and or supporters. In developing this workforce, the chief operating officer (CEO) of the Triple-F Foundation, a public, 501(c)(3) non-profit…

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