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  • Teaching A Dog Kiss Trick

    stroke and died on July 21, 2009. One thing that can help us to remember Gidget is the famous phrase "Yo quiero Taco Bell." Even if we do not like Taco Bell, we all remember the cute chihuahua dogs in those commercials. Many people have chihuahua dogs. My grandma did not have one, she had two. Their names were Pinto and Canela. So when I see pictures of Gidget, I remember the Taco Bell commercials, but I also remember Pinto and Canela. They will always used to bark really loud. They were…

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  • Antonio Meucci: The Industrial Revolution

    renew the caveat he never announced his invention, which let alexander Graham Bell to step in and receive a patent. Others believe that Antonio Meucci should be the “father of the telephone” because he was the inventor that had the idea first to create a more advanced communication system. Even though Antonio Meucci might of had the idea before Bell, his was “after all it was his design that was first patented,” which let Bell have the same idea but let him copyright it, because of the more…

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  • First Transcontinental Railroad Expansion

    The history of each country is the most relevant piece of his nation. America is a beautiful country with a valuable culture, who was forged in their beginnings with the reconstruction of the nation after the devastating Civil War. This was an extensive process in the life of the each american. The country had been devastated. For that reason, the economy of the south loser had been inflected to about a 60% of its wealth, while the winner north had been ended the war needing supplies and article…

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  • Scientific Inquiry In Research

    method was used by the developer(s) of the device, supporting explanation with research) Scientific processes that lead to the development of the cell phone are as follows. Observation and measurements: 3 The telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Hypothesis: Could voice be transmitted via radio waves and be utilized via a mobile device? Experiments: Reginald Fessenden…

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  • Transportation Industry In The 19th Century

    After the civil war, Americans ran on money and new devices of business. With the expansion of businesses and the nations rail system this lead to bigger markets and industries. Railroads were the biggest industry in the late 19th century because this allowed trade with other markets and cities. The railroad was privately owned but publicly financed by land grants from the government. Along with the expansion of the rail road, there was an invention of the telegraph. The telegraph was invented…

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  • 1970s Technological Changes

    From horse drawn carriages to automobile to tanks and armored cars. The story of American history can be seen through the technological advancements and changes made from 1870’s through 1970’s. There are been hundred of thousands of new technological changes throughout history. Not every advancement changed or made history, but many did. These technological changes influenced every aspect of daily life in America. Technological changes revolutionized the way of life for Americans because it…

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  • Informative Essay: How Technology Has Changed Our Society

    Technology is all around us, I’ve learned from an old class I took that technology is even that of a pencil but here, we will be talking about technology like everyone thinks of technology, the phones, computers, and tablets. Technology has advanced and changed for the better (as most would say) every day since human civilization but in the past 30 years or so technology has taken a big turn into our society and has changed our social norms and everyday way of life. Technology has also changed…

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  • Alexander Graham Bell Research Paper

    inspirations of Alexander Graham Bell or the actual telephone being built. To begin, Bruce briefly mentions George Sanders in a few sentences. Such a simple name, but a huge impact to Bell being his first deaf student that he had taught (90-91). From prior research, it is said that George Sanders later went on in life becoming successful in thanks to Bell, however it would’ve been more resourceful if Bruce provided that extra information. Another influence to Bell that lacks information includes…

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  • Engineering Timeline

    was created . This allowed information to be given in a matter of seconds rather than through other time consuming methods such as the telegram. (1) 1b) What happened on this date? On this date, the first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. 2a) Name an influential person in the history of engineering. An influential inventor that has affected our lives is George Stephenson as he is mentioned for being the creator of inner city railways and transport. With this idea in mind, he made…

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  • Farewell To Arms By Ernest Hemingway: An Analysis

    World War I was very tragic time, and only a few novelist captured the true lives of people who lived during that time. Ernest Hemingway, an english author who was in the Italian first aid during World War I, is one of the novelist who show an aspect of life during World War I in the novel Farewell to Arms. Hemingway tries to show what people had to deal with during those times. A man named Fredi, who is an american in the Italian first aid, meets a woman who he falls in love with. He tries to…

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