Battle of Salamis

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  • How America Won Her Independence From The British Empire Summary

    How America Won Her Independence From the British Empire Today when one thinks of the American Revolution, it is almost ingrained in the American psyche to think of the Fourth of July, and with out fail every summer on that date the Revolution story is told. However the story of Americas Revolution did not begin in the sweltering summer heat of Philadelphia in 1776, instead the winter of 1773 in the frigid waters of Boston Harbor. That December night American protested the Tea Act passed…

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  • Marine Corps Failure

    Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal turned to Marine General Holland “Howling Mad” Smith to exclaim, “The raising of the flag on Iwo Jima guarantees the Marine Corps for the next 500 years.” Unfortunately, Secretary Forrestal was unaware of another battle that had already begun in the halls of the Pentagon, the committee rooms of Congress, and in the court of public opinion that would threaten the existence of the Marine Corps less than a year after the heroic events on that south pacific…

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  • Crazy Horse The Strange Man Of The Oglalas Analysis

    Crazy Horse, held out against the government's efforts to imprison the Sioux on reservations. Almost all the Native Americans were sent to reservations by the late nineteenth century (Pollard, pg. 571). Crazy Horse was involved in many battles, including the Battle of Little Bighorn. Reading this excerpt reminded me of many other unimaginable stories of Indian relocation such as the Trail of Tears, conflicts between Native Americans and the European settlers, and the United States government’s…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Thanksgiving

    My First Thanksgiving I am Waheen. My tribe is the Wampanoap tribe that lives by the ocean, and surrounded by forest. I am twenty years old and I have three young children. All of them are sons, and they are very active. Over a season ago, some White people settled down the river from our village. This morning, we heard many of the guns that these settlers carry go off over and over. It made the children cry and scared us all. Our chief gathered 90 warriors and some of us women to cook…

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  • Battle Of Fort Sumter Essay

    had experienced its bloodiest war to date. The Civil War killed over 618,000 people. The Battle of Fort Sumter was a battle over politics between the North and the South. The event of the battle of Fort Sumter all started when Abraham Lincoln was elected, but before that he was inaugurated the 16th President of the United States. Today Fort Sumter is a museum, but before that happened there was a battle; a battle that started with politics. On November 15, 1860, President of the United…

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  • Was William Mcinntosh Assassination Justified

    Although credible sources acknowledge the death of William McIntosh as an assassination commandeered by rival Chief Menwana; Creek law divulges that Chief Menwana was not only justified, but also encouraged by Creek law to kill Chief McIntosh. Chief McIntosh was a controversial Creek leader whose strong relationship with the United States government cast suspicion about his loyalty to the Creeks. “McIntosh was related by blood or marriage to several prominent Georgians...These marriages helped…

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  • Battle Of Little Bighorn And Custer's Fight Summary

    Zits is a foster child, having spent the majority of his life moving from one negative or abusive family experience to another. Most of his time traveling gave him a lot of experiences. Over the book ZIts accomplish much more experiences than anyone else over the world.Result of time traveling, he also changed to angry little boy into critical thinking and individual. One event that most effect on ZIts was his second time traveling. Which was Native Indian Boy, a small boy at the camp of Little…

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  • Sitting Bull Thesis

    Sitting Bull had experienced a lot of ups and downs, he had to earn the title “Chief”. As his life carried on, Sitting Bull fought in a lot of battles including the Battle of the Little Big Horn, which gave him more experience, each time learning something new. He eventually became a member of the Midnight Strong Heart society, which was an elite group of worthy warriors. He did so by showing true bravery…

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  • Bigfoot Research Paper

    If you go into the forest and you see a big hairy creature it's probably big foot. Most people don't believe in Bigfoot, but i do. It would be awesome if someone really proved that Bigfoot is real and there is a lot of them Upon big foots father's death,bigfoot became the leader of the tribe. They suffered during the Sioux war for the black hills after the war, they settled on the Cheyenne river in South Dakota. “Big foot encouraged his people to adapt to life on the reservation”(“Big…

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  • The American Dream In James Bradley's 'Flags Of Our Fathers'

    to succeed through hard work and perseverance. There comes a time when this philosophy is threatened by other nations. During WWII the Imperial Japanese empire wanted to take over Asia, and they saw the US as the only ones in their way. After the battle of Midway the tides had turned and the US began to win the war. They began the long offensive island hopping campaign to get to Japan. In Flags of Our Fathers, by James Bradley, Marines storm the island of Iwo Jima to protect America’s ideals and…

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