Battle of Bannockburn

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Women In The Military

    Have you ever thought that one-day females will be able to participate in everything? As the world continues to advance, the role of women in a society has become essential in most countries. In the past, it was rare to find women working in schools, banks, police departments, or media. Females can work these days in different careers including medical field, education, and military. They have the ability to use their own right to defend for their country. However, some people think that…

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  • Jomini's Foundation Of Theory, And The Foundations Of Strategy

    Foundations of Strategy Lt Col Frank Taravella, USAF In the history of war, man has struggled to analyze and understand conflict from various points of view. In the big picture, no one strategy or concept can successfully analyze a particular conflict for the mere fact that these concepts were developed with an eye on history. Having historical examples does not completely encompass all aspects of modern warfare, as no two conflicts are exactly the same. In this essay I will attempt to…

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  • Wang Pufeng Development

    technology and the “use inferior equipment to achieve victory over enemies with superior equipment [2]”. Wang believes that warfare has shifted from ground warfare to “even more in intangible space, such as in electromagnetic fields. [2]”, meaning that battles are no longer primarily fought with swords clashing together, but technologically. Communication is key in modern warfare and with the use of the “C4I systems (communications, guidance, control, computers, and intelligence) [2]”, one can…

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  • Fm 3-24 Advantages And Disadvantages

    Upon its 2006 release, policy analysts heralded FM 3-24 Counterinsurgency (COIN) as a welcome solution to the intractable problems confronting American soldiers in Iraq. The manual served an important purpose by providing a common approach to operational problems that US forces faced in Iraq at the time. Renamed Insurgencies and Countering Insurgencies, the 2014 update incorporated lessons from the manual’s use in both Iraq and Afghanistan, such as the inclusion of indirect methods of security…

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  • Drones In The Military

    In an attempt to increase their effectiveness and capabilities, the military has employed the use of unmanned ariel vehicles (UAV’s). Many types of UAV’s exist, from simple survilence drones to weaponized drones capable of firing missiles. These drones are commonly used in military operations for survelence and targeted hunting. The military should continue using drones because they provide an inexpensive oppurtunity to increase tactical superiority and keep our soldiers safe. One of the…

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  • Native American Struggles

    The Struggle for North America The seizing of North America by the Europeans is done largely without weapons. Of course weapons and warfare play a large part, but the Europeans don’t sail over and begin conquering their New World. European exploration began with the desire for trade and to spread religion. Finding the Indians offered them the chance to do both. These people had never seen anything like the Europeans and were mostly receptive to new goods to trade, and were willing to listen to…

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  • Korean War Domino Effect

    That’s most of the reason we didn’t win the war, we weren’t ready for the terrain. The battle of pork chop hill was one of the most important battles. Being in the mountain’s it provided a challenge for American troops, but for Korean troops who grew up there it was like second nature navigating through the terrain. It took place on a mountainous peninsula, which in my opinion is the worst place to have a battle because if you get backed up your cornered, also they know there way around the…

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  • The Influence Of PSYOP

    What exactly meaning by PSYOP? It was a planned operations that convey selected information and indicators to foreign target audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately, the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. “All military action is intertwined with psychological forces and effects” by Carl von Clausewitz On War, 1827 The purpose of all PSYOP is to create in neutral, affable, or hostile foreign groups the…

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  • Essay On Rosie The Riveter

    According to the film “Women on the war path” many jobs where available to women. For example, assembling automobile and aircraft parts as well as cooks and clerical and to provide healthcare. Women became depended upon to help the war by making sure the troops had the support in the factories and camps to carry out missions. War allowed women to hang up the heels and lace up the combat boots. With all of the different skills the women were trained once the enlisted it allowed them feel complete…

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  • Invisible War Reflection

    that violence is a large part of war, but the battles our members of service fight are also hidden. While we may not be able to see the scars or experience those battle wounds ourselves, it is important for those working with any individual associated with the military receive training and becoming educated about the “the military…

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