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  • Bathroom Argumentative Essay

    Across the country, public restrooms have become the subject of heated debate as different parties are for and against the bathroom law. The Bathroom law has been passed in North Carolina being a state-wide law and regulates who enter what bathroom according to their gender listed on the birth certificate. Two parties are divided: first we have the Party who is in favor, the more conservative and traditional. We also have the party not in favor who is the newer, more liberal generation. Rights…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Trip To Lagoon

    it was unlike the pizza we generally had, there was no sauce and a miniature amount of cheese. When we reached our part of the city we were congratulated on coming safely. It was my grandma’s house that we stayed in, it was immense, with about 4 rooms and a roof that you could sleep on. There were about 6 people already living there so including us 10. We stayed there for a month before our relatives came, almost all of the family was there. We had a stunning time, we went to the mountain (with…

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  • Selima Hotel Case Study

    a range of cool activities. The property operates on an all-inclusive basis, making holiday budgeting that little bit easier. Here’s why you should choose Club Selima Hotel when planning your trip to the Sousse area: PARAGRAPHS Comfortable rooms…

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  • The Comfort Of Ignorance Analysis

    doors, they swung open to reveal an overly lighted waiting room that nearly burned my eyes from the amount of white used on the walls, chairs, and basically everything. As my eyes recovered from the exposure to the bright room, I followed my mom through a few “staff only” doors in order to reach the emergency room. The emergency room was filled with noticeably stressed out nurses and doctors pacing back and forth between their patient’s rooms. As my mom logged in with her badge to start her…

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  • City Of Minneapolis: Committee Of The Whole: Case Study

    City of Minneapolis: Committee of the Whole Planning Commission The City of Minneapolis City Planning Commission’s ‘Committee of the Whole’ is a meeting that occurs at Minneapolis City Hall twice per month. The objective of these meetings is to provide a public forum where City staff and project applicants can discuss proposals in an official forum outside of the public hearing process. My particular meeting occurred at 4:30 PM on September 22nd, 2016. The vice president of the Planning…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Equality

    she still slept with the light on, showered in her underwear, and lined the crack under the bathroom door with a beach towel. Insecure girls, like Kaeley once was, would be uncomfortable with seeing the opposite gender in the same restroom or locker room as her. Transgender restrooms promote an unsafe environment. Many would argue that people who are transgender feel like they are not being treated equal with their decision without being able to use the restroom that their chosen gender…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Washington D. C.

    organization named Student Leadership University. In 2014, we went to Orlando, and then, in 2015, we went to Washington D.C. This year, 2016, we went across the pond to England and France, in Europe. As we boarded the plane, I had no room to move or sit. We had as much leg room as if we were sitting up against a wall. The plane itself was old, with ugly upholstery, small walkways, old television sets, and an aroma that was not so pleasant. The flight was very long, tiring, and uncomfortable.…

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  • Black Holes: A Short Story

    I proceeded through this dark hallway vary carefully not to make any more noise. I noticed that the noise was coming from the dining room. For some strange feeling, I felt extreme fear surging through my body like a needle piercing someone’s hand. However, my curiosity got the better of me so I took a deep breath went into the room. When I went into the dining room my grandfather shrine was destroyed like if by accident. I started walking toward the shrine to see if I could fix it. As I made my…

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  • Symbolism In We By George Orwell

    The book “We” tells the story of an organized future world. Each character of the book are named by she or he numbers, they are not individuals; they live in identical little glass apartments. All the citizens of the futuristic place, have the same schedule and do the same things at the same time. The schedule also known as “The Table of Hours” is located somewhere where all the citizens pass every day and can see it. “We” is known to be influenced by the book “1984” by George Orwell. The book…

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  • The Axe Effect Advertisement: The Axe Effect

    The Axe Effect advertisement, created by the Axe corporation, takes place in a dark and light contrasted locker room. The lockers are navy blue color. One of the lockers are open at the bottom. There is a man with a towel around his waist in front of the lockers. His body is half skinny and half obese. He seems to be spraying Axe deodorant on his body.The skinny man is very handsome and it can be inquired just from the context of the picture that the obese man is not as appealing as the skinny…

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