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  • The Differences Of Marvel And DC Comics

    For example the DC movie, Batman Begins, made $205,343,774 in 2005 in the other hand the Marvel movie, Iron Man, made over $582,443,126 in 2008. The Webpage, The Richest, wrote “Marvel films have grossed more than $190 million but the average for DC is only $129 million”(Dingman). The movie Batman Begins is one of the most popular movies of DC and Batman is the most favorite superhero for a lot of people but it didn’t become as popular as…

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  • Essay On Reliable Sources

    How do we tell if the information we find on the internet are reliable and objective? When we do a research paper, we need reliable sources to support our main idea. And also we need the website that has real information. When I do my research paper, I personally like to go Grossmont online library databases to find my sources because I feel more trustful and it seems to be a reliable source. However, Google is the most popular website that people use to find any information. A bunch of results…

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  • Superheroes Essay

    Growing up, I never read comic books, but I did watch the movies and TV shows. Specifically the ones based on superheroes. Sitting around the TV with all of my friends, eating snacks as we watched old VHS reruns of the 1966 series Batman and the 1952 series Adventures of Superman. We would have the best time watching an episode then reenacting it the best we could. They were great shows for children my age. They had bright colors and interesting sound effects that really kept our attention. The…

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  • Batman Vs Superman Gender Analysis

    In this paper, I propose that contemporary action movies portray the negative stereotype that women are not as important as the men in the world. In order to prove this point, I will examine the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I will do so by examining this movie visually, through the types of clothing the character wear, the type of superpower the woman has, the amount of screen time for women, and through the camera angles shown throughout the movie. I will also examine this movie…

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  • Captain America's Relationship To The Red Skull

    best when authors are discussing the origin of the characters they have created, which is looked at in the Backstory section of this essay. Narration is also seen in moving the plot to a variety of different ideas, such as when a battle is about to begin or introducing what events are occurring at the same…

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  • V For Vendetta Hero Analysis

    Without any conflict a story-(read: a movie)-is boring. Some people are drawn to the dark motives and actions of the villains and because of this more often than not the villain is more liked than the hero. Movies have transpired to show the hero in a good light that’s enjoyable and believable. But a man’s worth can only ever truly be measured by the weight of those that stand against them. In days of old it was easy enough to throw a black hat on a man and show him shoot a few people and…

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  • Analysis Of Peter Coogan's Superhero: The Pro-Social Mission

    with a selfless, pro-social mission with superpowers” (Coogan 30). There was more written after this sentence, but this part stuck out to me the most. I must point out that a superhero doesn’t necessarily have to have superpowers because, look at Batman (I’ll go more into detail about his story later). Coogan does agree with my belief about the mission of the superhero. He also has a formula that he uses to determine whether or not someone would be considered as a…

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  • Resurgenman's Characters In The Dark Knight Returns By Frank Miller

    is a groundbreaking masterpiece; It singlehandedly revolutionized the public’s perception of the character, Batman, whilst also addressing a large variety of themes throughout the four books making up the comic. One of the most revolutionary factors of The Dark Knight Returns is the way Miller presents the Batman’s resurgence. Miller successfully creates a fresh take on the character of Batman by telling a story, not through panels upon panels of grandiose and outlandish action, fights, and…

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  • Mad As A Hatter Character Analysis

    In the Batman: The Animated Series, season one, episode twenty-seven, “Mad as a Hatter”, Jervis Tetch is a scientist that is working for Bruce Wayne to create circuitry to control minds of others. First, he tests the circuitry on mice, then moves up to humans. He uses cards with the number 10/6 on them in order to control the minds of other people. Jervis is in love with Alice but, unfortunately for him, she has a boyfriend. Jervis eavesdrops on Alice and he realizes that her boyfriend, Billy,…

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  • Female Superhero Essay

    When you think of a female superhero what do you see? Do you see nice ass and big boobs, or someone fighting for a purpose? When it comes to female superheroes they have been over sexualized since their first creation. No one can truly understand the full complexity of a female superhero when all the viewers can look at is the front and the back. Creator of DC Comics, William Marston, says “Wonder Women, who was created in 1941, was a feminine character with all the strength of Super Man plus…

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