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  • Fungi Lab Report

    The kingdom Fungi contains Basidiomycota or club fungi, which are also known as mushrooms. Fungi can be found in a variety of diverse environments, such as grassland areas, decaying logs, or with symbiotic relationships with the roots of specific trees. Mushrooms acquire food by breaking cellulose down to glucose. This natural process is used by fungi to produce glucose as a food source (technology, 2013). In the final stage of breaking cellulose down to glucose the enzyme cellobiase is used to speed the reaction up. An enzyme is a protein produced by a living organism that acts as a catalyst to speed up a specific biochemical reaction. Enzymes are important because they control the speed of chemical reactions in an organism and without enzymes,…

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  • Effects Of Indoor Air Quality

    Many fungi that are reported to cause allergy belong to Ascomycota, Basidiomycota or anamorphic fungi. Fungi are able to grow on almost all natural and synthetic materials, especially if they are wet (Portnoy, 2003). These microbes can enter buildings directly or by spores being carried in by the air. In a home or building, fungi are usually found on wood, drywall, ceiling tiles and carpeting. The key factor is moisture because fungi need it to grow. As a result, they are most often found in…

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  • Environmental Effects Of Indoor Air Quality

    composition of indoor fungal communities with environmental variables (particularly mean annual temperature and mean annual precipitation) explaining 14% of the variability in the composition of the fungal communities found in the indoor dust samples. The correlations with climate variables indicate that homes in different geographical regions of the US harbour distinct fungal communities indoors. More generally, homes located closer in geographical proximity tended to harbour more similar…

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