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  • One Controversy, Vaccines, And Autism By Jeffrey Baker

    Working Bibliography Baker, Jeffrey. "Mercury, Vaccines, and Autism. One Controversy, Three Histories” American Journal of Public Health 98(2) (2008): 244-253 .Web. 9 Nov. 2015. Scholarly writer and doctor, Jeffrey Baker’s article “Mercury, Vaccines, and Autism. One Controversy, Three Histories” published in the American Journal of Public Health examines the efficacy of thimerosal in vaccinations and the three specific concepts including vaccine preservatives, mercury poisoning and autism.…

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  • Chocolate Scarce In Nicholson Baker's Recipe, By Nicholson Baker

    In Recipe, by Nicholson Baker he write about how to make chocolate sauce. Baker takes a different approach rather than laying it out in a list of instructions, he does so in a big paragraph. He takes something that is simple to make and elongates the process through his very descriptive recipe. I think baker’s main argument/purpose is that there many ways you can give someone a recipe. As I stated before Baker takes an unusual route of giving a recipe. He is very detailed as he explains how to…

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  • Hannah Baker 13 Reasons Why Analysis

    Have you ever been so depressed that you’ve thought suicide was the only way to end your suffering? Yeah, I know that went 0 to 100 in .2 seconds but believe me, I’ve been there. So have my two friends, Hannah Baker of 13 Reasons Why, and Charlotte “Charlie” Davis of Girl In Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow. Now, I know you are wondering why I am writing about entertainment that openly speak of suicide and the recovery process. Mainly, being that both 13 Reasons Why and Girl In Pieces manipulate the…

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  • Nat Turner's Response To American Slavery By Kyle Baker

    Kyle Baker does an amazing job of keeping a quick pace throughout the course of the novel. This book does an unbelievable job of illustrating how African slaves lived or existed; and the hopelessness and cruelty they experienced. Nat Turner was told he was different, bright and inquisitive, Baker writes, “My father and mother strengthened me in this, my first impression, saying in my presence I was…

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  • Caribbean Bauxite Company Case Study John Baker

    Introduction Caribbean Bauxite Company, particularly John Baker, has themselves in quite a mess over the resigning of Matthew Rennalls. Matthew Rennals, the current Assistant Engineer, is John’s successor as the new Chief Engineer at Caribbean Bauxite Limited. John Baker is to become the production manager of Keso Mining Corporation near Winnipeg – one of Continental Ore’s fast-expanding Canadian enterprises. “John Baker is a 45 year old English expatriate who has worked for Continental Ore in…

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  • Comparing Rip Van Winkle And The Speech Of Polly Baker

    people were able to make the mystical parts of Puritan assumed the normal. So Irving tells a new story out of many existing threads of American experience. “Rip Van Winkle” is a complete version of Franklin’s drafts, such as “The Speech of Polly Baker,” and if you were to read certain passages from Irving and Franklin by their selves, it could be hard to identify the basis, both develop a subdued sarcasm and rely heavily on irony to develop their stories. The fact that Irving is most thankful…

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  • Orphan Train By Christina Baker Kline: An Analysis

    Up until the modern world, history has changed by either removing a feature or improving its structure. In the novel, “Orphan Train” by Christina Baker Kline a story is told between a 17-year-old orphan in the modern world and a 91-year-old widow who experienced a long ride in the orphan train back in the early 20th century. Vivian Daly, the 91-year-old widow explains the hardships she went through to the orphan, Molly Ayer. This story compares and shows the drastic change in the lives of…

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  • Analysis Of Exposure And Visibility Of Mental Illness By Bobby Baker

    Exposure and Visibility: How does Bobby Baker use performance art to re-align the stigma of mental illness? Exposure and visibility of mental illness is a highly disputed and controversial conversation. By definition, visibility means ‘the degree to which something can be seen by the public’ (Cambridge, et al., 2017) and exposure means ‘the fact of experiencing something or being affected by it because of being in a particular situation or place’ (Cambridge, et al., 2017) and this will be the…

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  • How Does Jordan Baker Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

    Jordan show that she is actually meant to depict a woman who is full of lies and deceit, portraying her in a negative light, just as the other female characters are. First, her name, Jordan Baker, is associated with, perhaps inspired by, two distinct car companies from the 1920’s. Jordan Motor Car Company, and the Baker Motor Vehicle Company. Fitzgerald’s choice to take her name from two separate car companies emphasizes how much he is intentionally attempting to portray her as an object – her…

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  • The Role Of Immigration In The Orphan Train By Christina Baker Kline

    In Christina Baker Kline’s novel The Orphan Train, one specific critical concern of the Sister’s of Mercy is immigration. Out of the four critical concerns, I feel as if immigration stands out the most throughout the novel. The novel was based on the time period where immigration was extremely popular in America. The orphan train transported children around the country and made certain stops where the children would be put into foster homes. The challenges and traumatic experiences the…

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