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  • Executive Summary: The World Kitchen

    Executive Summary: My restaurant ,”The World Kitchen” is an international restaurant where we do not narrow down the menu into one specific type. In other words, we will be providing traditional foods from all around the world. The main idea of my restaurant is “Keep it cheap”. We want to let Japanese people taste food from various countries, without having to go to an expensive trip. Plus, tourists can visit my restaurant as well to learn some Japanese table manners and get a rest by talking in…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Life In Las Vegas

    In this photograph, a young boy wearing a bubbly bright blue shirt shamelessly flashes a rather tooth lacking smile for the camera. His arms and legs are crossed while he sits on a tiled bench under an ominous and cloud speckled sky. Behind this young boy rests a little girl wearing a tomato red complexion. She is adorned with a shiny silver necklace and a shirt that literally screamed summer. Under her resting hand laid cold tiles that would leave an imprint of the frigid shapes that pressed…

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  • Breakfast In Norway Essay

    tomato sause and some fruit and vegetables like salad and tomatoes, It`s also common to have a cup of yoghurt. Most of norweigans eats their lunch between 11:00 to 13:00. Most of the food we can buy at the cafeteria is cold, they cafeteria often have baguettes with salad, ham and cheese or eggs, fruit and fruit smoothies, fish cakes, vegetables soups, pizza, bun and yoghurts. As you see most of the food in the cafeteria is healthy, but we can choose between unhealthy foods as well. Lunch in…

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  • Analysis Of Banana Peppers

    Italian Beef Sausage in Banana Peppers Stuffin’s Ingredients: • 4 banana peppers • 1 package Italian beef sausage • 1 jar marinara sauce • 5 cups of rice Directions: 1. In a chopping board, slice the ends of the banana peppers and scoop out the insides. 2. Meanwhile, in a small pan, toss to coat pre-cooked steamed rice with sauce. 3. Mix rice with small chunks of beef sausage and fill the banana peppers. 4. Pour ½ marinara sauce and lay the banana peppers on the bottom of the pressure…

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  • Essay On Slow Food Movement

    Before the early part of the twentieth century everyone had farm to table food, they would grow their own food, or bought it from local farmers. That was a habit out of pure necessity because there was really no other way to survive. As time went on, people progressed and found easier ways to get a hold of food. With the food being able to travel hundreds and thousands of miles because of improved transportation and refrigeration, food was becoming less fresh and more processed. People still had…

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  • Amish Culture Vs American Culture Essay

    Culture is the total system of ideas, values, behaviours, and attitudes of a society commonly shared by most members of a society. According to Statistics Canada, the NHS Profile of 2011 displays that Canada’s population of 32 852 320 is made up of 20.6% immigrants. This also implies that a potential of a fifth of Canada’s population has brought along the characteristics of their practiced culture from their former country. Canada comprises of multiple cultures such as Canadian, English, French,…

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  • Buzz Marketing: The Ethics Of The Buzz On Buzz

    Kareman Hewedy MKT 480 The Buzz on Buzz There are many advertising techniques a business can use to bring in more consumers, and creating a Buzz affect can be essential for a businesses success. The issue is when mangers are asked what Buzz means, many of them don’t know. Buzz marketing is a technique that focuses on maximizing word-of-mouth, whether that is through conversations among consumers ' family and friends or larger scale discussions on social media platforms. Some examples of word of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Washington D. C.

    We boarded the plane that would take us on the adventure of a lifetime. My pastor, his wife, a group of twelve students, some of who were my best friends, and I had all decided to continue a journey we all started in 2014. We were all a part of a leadership organization named Student Leadership University. In 2014, we went to Orlando, and then, in 2015, we went to Washington D.C. This year, 2016, we went across the pond to England and France, in Europe. As we boarded the plane, I had no room to…

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  • Vietnamese Cuisine Research

    important ingredients. Bread Vietnamese people eat a lot of bread more than those in the rest of South – East Asia. The bread of Vietnam is usually made from a combination of wheat and rice flour and is shorter than the French baguette with a slit down in the middle. The breads are either torn into chunks or dipped into stews and curries or the breads are eaten as an alternative to noodles or rice.…

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  • Analysis Of Patty O Burger By Frenchie Franck

    Frenchie Franck & Patty O’Burger Mission Diversity is an opportunity to expand the mind and respect cultural differences The Story Patty O’Burger is from Brooklyn New York. Her mom is Filet Mignon and dad is Pot Roast. Her parents own a diner right under the Brooklyn Bridge with a great view of Manhattan. She is the oldest of three burgers. Her sister Kobe is very pretty and quite popular and her brother Angus is the star of the burger football team.…

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