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  • The Barbie Anomaly: The Ancient Greek Myth Of Narcissus

    The Barbie Anomaly The success of Barbie as a meme in owed to her creator Ruth Handler. She was married to the co-owner of renowned toy company Mattel, and avid in the business and brought many ideas of success to her husband’s desk. Her greatest idea began when she saw her daughter Barbara playing with a paper doll. She decided that a three-dimensional plastic doll with an adult body would much more enjoyable for kids. Her idea was put on hold, though, because her husband and his partner…

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  • Denotative Meaning In Marge Piercy's Barbie Doll

    A works denotative meaning can differ from its connotative one immensely. Something as carefree as a waltz can become dangerous based on context, one would not say something as a waltz with death is desirable. An toy meant to bring joy to a small child can become entrapping as she struggles to fit the mold this model has built for her from such a young age. In “Barbie Doll”, Marge Piercy transforms the titles meaning from a toy to an unattainable goal set on woman and in Theodore Roethke's “My…

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  • Mattel Business Model

    MATTEL, INC., incorporated was born on March 6, 1968, designs, manufactures, and markets a variety of toy products around the world, which are sold to its customers and directly to consumers. The company operates through three segments: North America, which consists of the United States and Canada, International, and American Girl. The North America and International segments sells products in the Mattel Girls & Boys Brands, Fisher-Price Brands, and Construction and Arts & Crafts Brands…

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  • Twiggy Research Paper

    Lesley Hornby, aka Twiggy, was considered “The Face of ‘66” by Daily Express (Reed 36). It’s no wonder why she was given this title, considering that at the time, she was the world’s most famous supermodel. Twiggy stands at five foot six and weighs ninety pounds. Even for her petite size, Twiggy has still done many amazing things, but it all started in 1949. Twiggy was born on September 19, 1949 in Neasden, London. At a young age, it was already evident that Twiggy would love fashion for the…

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  • Steppin Out Doll

    The Mattel Barbie Collector Edition Steppin Out ‘Great Fashions of the 20th Century’ doll is the epitome of the 1930s fashion. The 1930s style is possessed in this collector doll. This doll was released as the third edition in the series of ‘Great Fashions of the 20th Century.’ It became available in stores on January 1st, 1999. The fashions of the Barbie dolls in this collection highlight the biggest style influences of the 30s. This edition of the Barbie Is made specifically with collectors in…

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  • Annotated Bibliography Of Barbie Doll

    Alex Kimmell Mrs. Andrea Glenn Composition II, First Period 29 January, 2016 Barbie Doll An Annotated Bibliography Anschutz, Doeschka, and Rutger Engels. "The Effects Of Playing With Thin Dolls On Body Image And Food Intake In Young Girls."Sex Roles 63.9/10 (2010): 621-630. Academic Search Complete. Web. 26 Jan. 2016. This was a study conducted to observe the effect that playing with Barbie dolls had on girls ages six to ten. The study was conducted on several young Dutch girls. These girls were…

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  • Ruth Handler In Brave New World

    being 57. The one thing most people know about Ruth Handler and Mattel Inc. is that they created Barbie. Ruth Handler married the Mattel Inc. founder, Elliot Handler, together the Handlers worked on turning a garage furniture shop into an ongoing successful company. They had two children, Barbara and Kenneth Handler and in the 1970’s Ruth was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She later died in 2002 from complications from colon surgery. Ruth Handler has changed the way companies have been…

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  • Colleen Moore: The First Step In Hollywood

    Colleen Moore was an American film actress in silent film era. Moore became one of the most fashionable stars of the era and popularize with her's bobbed haircut.Moore was the eldest child and she owned dollhouses as a child, but her father suggested that she should pursue her passion for miniatures and dollhouses by creating the "doll house" of her dreams. She started taking her first step in Hollywood when she was 15 years old,her uncle arranged a screen test with American film director like…

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  • Barbie Vs Bratz

    The case that I chose to represent misappropriation of trade secret was Mattel, INC v. MGA Entertainment, INC also known as Barbie v. Bratz. This particular case struck my interests because Barbie© was a very influential toy in my childhood in result I promoted the use of entertainment by Barbie© to my daughter. This case was very enlightening due to the history of these two companies and how each of them posed a threat to one another. Also, threatening the complete future existence of Bratz©.…

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  • General Fortence And The Four Types Of The Criminal Law

    1. Define and generally discuss how general intent differs from specific intent. And when does "general intent "plus" become a factor in these three criminal law key term words. Explain the "actus reus" and "mens rea" regarding the terms. Give examples to enhance each of these important criminal law words. 1. General intent is the intent to commit an act that is criminal and forbidden by the statute. General intent is general because it is the minimum requirement of ALL crimes. This is…

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