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  • Barbie Doll Gender Stereotypes

    Most of the girl toys in stores have certain characteristics. These roles portray femininity, beauty, and certain gender roles. One of the most popular toy companies for girls all over the world is Barbie. She has offered young girls dolls, dollhouses, and the accessories that goes with them since 1959. Barbie has been very influential to young girls, affecting how they dress and even act. Unfortunately, the controversy that surrounds Barbie has begun to grasp attention through social media and…

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  • Barbie Gender Representation

    Manufactures of consumer goods play into racialized and gendered preferences for their products, while also generating consumer desires. On the production and marketing of differences, similarities, role models, and both looking-like-me and looking-unlike-me experiences, through toys and games. In this particular article, Ann Ducille critiques the past and present ways in which Mattel presents race and gender through the iconic Barbie doll. Barbie could be seen as a female representation of…

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  • Personal Narrative: American Girl Place

    As the hard winds of New York City hit my face, I looked up in adornment at the giant gold letters reading, “American Girl Place” for the first time. I faced my father, his giant frame proceeding over my small nine-year-old one, looking into his eyes waiting for the signal that meant I could go in. He smiled at me, took my hand, and led me inside. A burst of excitement filled up inside of me as I walked in and saw the arrangement of dolls lined up inside a glass case. Learning from the helpful…

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  • Monopoly In The 1930's

    While researching popular toys, games and entertainment in the 1930’s I found that Monopoly is one of the most popular games during this time. Marry Hoyer Dolls weir the dolls of the century. Entertainment was a big time thing because of the Radio from Space and the Frankenstein Monster which was one the most popular films from the 1930’s. These historical events are still interpreted in today’s time. In the 1930’s the Parker Brothers was the first to permit the use of Monopoly. The Parker…

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  • Bluebird Toys: Movie Analysis

    It is 1983 and Chris Wiggs is tired of his daughter Joanna carrying around these massive barbie dolls. He decided to no longer put up with it and create a smaller version of a doll instead. polly pockets they were named, mostly because of the fact that they were so small they could fit into your pocket. When he first designed these toys he had no idea they would be majorly popular for over 10 years, have many variations and eventually end in discontinuation. Bluebird Toys were the first to…

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  • Essay On Barbie Doll

    Psychologist have tested and proven the side effects of playing with Barbie dolls. It is impossible to know at a young age if a girl will develop a negative influence by playing with Barbie dolls. Studies have proven that playing with Barbie Dolls can change the way young girls think and behave later on in life. Barbie dolls are a negative influence that can make them self-conscious about their physical appearance by lowering their self-esteem and making them desire the body of a Barbie Doll.…

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  • The Importance Of Barbie

    For well over fifty years now, Barbies have been at the disposal of young girls across the nation. Countless numbers of these young girls have treasured Barbies, so much so that some even collected dolls, clothes, houses and other items pertaining to Barbie. However, more and more of those young girls are beginning to perceive the Barbie doll to be the definition of beauty; craving to be blonde, tall, and skinny as well. Instead of striving to mold themselves, children should be shown that there…

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  • Imagery In Sandra Cisneros The Flower

    When watching a movie, each scene is a complex image that the human eye sees. These images help develop certain effects of the movie because of the details shown and expressions in people's faces. In stories, authors use imagery in their writing to create a mental image, similar to one in a movie to form a particular effect. In “Barbie-Q,” Cisneros uses imagery in a detailed way when talking about the Barbies in order to show how much the little girl desires to be a Barbie. Cisneros writes about…

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  • Swot Analysis For Zulily

    Zulily’s target customer Zulily’s target customers are young mothers who would like to purchase items for their children or for themselves. The founders of Zulily, Daren Cavens and Mark Vadon, wanted to create a business targeting young mothers because there was a large market for new moms, which was untouched by other retailers. They discovered that 4.5 million kids are born in the U.S. every year, and the only discount retailers accommodating that demographic was T.J. Maxx (Gayomali, 2015).…

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  • Barbie Informative Speech

    From a young age to adulthood, everyone remembers their favourite doll, Barbie. Barbie, your friend when o one else was there, your comforter. Barbie was your best friend. You got your first Barbie when you were four, from the moment you first glismped at her, you fell in love. You fell in love with her long blonde hair, skinny body and beauitful hair and makeup. 5You loved how pretty she was. She also had the perfect life, she had a boyfriend ( even though at four,boyfriends don 't mean much),…

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