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  • Gel Electrophoresis Lab Report

    used are as follows; agarose gel, micropipette and tips, DNA samples, fast stain, gel knife, light box, warm water, and lastly gloves. Prepared agarose gel was given; gel was held in a plastic bag to keep it from contamination, plastic bag was removed carefully and the gel was placed into the gel box. Aligning the wells at the negative end of the box was very important. With the gel being inside the box, running buffer was used to fill up the gel until the wells were covered with the buffer.…

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  • Why Do Girls Wear Handbags

    When observing the bags I had found, I found many interesting things. The first I observed was that was how these bags played into our gender roles. The girls had purses or totes. Neither of these bags went over both shoulders. They were called “mini” because they replicate what girls tend to see older women wear. Their colors and style indicated that girls and women were dainty and not rough. The girls were also supposed to like small animals such as kittens and the beach. The purses and totes…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Most Unlucky Spose

    getting in a box/tub, (I was small, skinny, and very flexible at the age of seven) and jumping out of it as fast as you could. I was the only one who could fit in the box so I was having a blast. I was pretty weak so I was the easiest to get out of the box, but when I did I launched out of the box. I got in the tub they picked it up and moved the box on it’s side, upside down, moved it forward, backwards, all over the place. Then when they placed it on the floor, I jumped out of the box. We did…

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  • Analysis Of Wisdom By Philip Pullman

    “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” ― Philip Pullman Throughout this book we will spend snippets of time leaning on the plump and wise cheeks of tales told long ago. These tales carry morals and lessons that demonstrate the meaning of the various chapters and they show that the wisdom contained in these pages can be recognized in fairy tales, history itself and also in the modern world. They are timeless, relevant and take us to…

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  • Controlled Variables Lab Report

    the box, the temperature of the hot water before it is going to be placed in the lunch box and the size of each lunchbox. Purpose For me, enjoying a perfect lunch is to have a perfect meal. All, meals need to be either cooled or heated. Without it, many people can't enjoy food like they do at home. Some might even choose to go for a less healthy choice. I would always have a rock hard lunch in winter and a melted soggy dessert in the summer. When I tried looking online for a heated lunch box,…

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  • Narrative Essay On Costco

    how on the way to the bakery I ran to the candy aisle and my parents didn’t even notice. There was so much candy I didn’t know where to start. “Ooo I want this, this and that!” Said excitedly. I carried a bag of skittles that were my favorite and a bag of m&m’s the box under the bags were a box of animal crackers. I was feeling excited and happy but I didn’t notice that my parents weren’t around. That’s when I got scared and started freaking out. In someway I felt anxious and worried that…

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  • College Admissions Essay: The Passion That Changed My Life

    I possess any eccentric talents, a unique sense of humor, or idiosyncratic mannerisms, but instead my quirkiness is a carefree, vivacious, grab life by the lapelles kind of attitude. This approach to life encourages confidence in being outside the box, daring to be different, and doing so unapologetically. Although I embody this today, this trait manifested in response to rejection and self-discovery. Growing up, I was a shy follower, conforming to the norms of my peer group. Playing year-round…

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  • Nestomalt Case Study

    Nestle is a Switzerland company was started by Henry Nestle in 1867. His first product was “ Faine Lactee Nestle ”(Combination of cow’s milk, wheat flour and Sugar). In 1905 Nestle joined with Anglo Swiss condensed milk company and expand their productivity. Today Nestle has 449 factories in 86 countries. More than 328 000 employs work with Nestle. Mainly Nestle company produce milk products, chocolates, coffee, soup, tea and sauce. There are some world famous brands in Nestle. NESCAFE,…

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  • 01a Membrane Diffusion Lab Report

    distance from one another for each test. With the stirring rod, stir the solution for 30 seconds, avoiding contact with the probe or tubing, before collecting data. Once the 30 seconds has passed begin collecting data by clicking on the “collect” box in the computer software. Continue to stir the solution for the entire two minutes of data collection. After two minutes have passed the data collection will automatically stop. To determine the rate of diffusion locate the area on the graph…

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  • Universal Precautions Essay

    Environmental Health & Safety will pick up all box-bag units on a weekly basis (EHS, 2016). As for liquid waste the sanitary sewer was created for the proper disposal of certain liquid waste. This method reduces the chances of spills or leaks when transporting and cost. It may be poured down the drain…

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