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  • Summary Of The Novel Istanbul: Memories And The City By Orhan Pamuk

    In the recently published first volume of memoirs, Istanbul: Memories and the City, Orhan Pamuk describes how a 1950’s child hood among Europe -yearning cosmopolitans in the crumbling ruins of the Ottoman Empire helped to shape him as a writer. The key, he said, is to understand the concept of huzun. This turkish word describes a kind of melancholy, he says, not so much a personal state as one shared by an entire society, a mood of resigned despair for the great past - a murky, black white…

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  • My Family Life

    Organization of Family Life Many people live on and off with us during that time. There were displaced cousins, friends that my parents meet and needed a place to stay for a little while. My closest relative lived about 15-20 mins away from the family. The relatives didn’t move my family did they most moving mostly because of economic challenges. I lived with both parents going up, when I was about 8 my parents got divorced my mom remarried and had a daughter, than divorced and remarried my…

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  • A Thousand And One Night Summary

    More than Genies and Spirits: The presence of Feminist Characters in old Arab Stories In her book titled The Hidden Face of Eve, Naawal El Saadawi an Egyptian writer writes that “Woman is at her best and most powerful when she takes on the form of a genie or spirit in A Thousand and One Nights. Men fall victims to her beauty and her spells and go through suffering and even torture to gain her favour.” (, P. 162) In this passage, El Saadawi expresses an opinion that is very popular within the…

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  • Crystal Ball Case Study

    simulate your net earnings per toss based on 1000 simulation runs. What is your mean net earning per toss based on the simulated sample values? Answer: Note: Theoretically, the mean earnings per toss is $3.50 - $2.50 = $1.00. 5) In a game of backgammon, your movement is based on the outcome that you get from rolling a pair of dice. Tossing a pair of sixes on the very first roll will give you a significant initial advantage over your opponent. Use Crystal Ball to determine the odds of…

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