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  • Great American Cities Book Report

    The Death and Life of Great American Cities written by Jane Jacobs published in 1961, is the most influential book about city planning. Jane wrote this book criticizing the modern city planning and rebuilding which she calls the orthodox city planning idea. Ebenezer howard’s self sufficient small town Garden city, Le-Corbusier’s Radiant City composed of skyscrapers and the Decentrists’ city decentralizing ideas are the victim of her criticism. In the book, she effectively describes the problems…

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  • Module 4 Case Study: The Walt Disney Company

    Module 4 Case LED599 "There is a powerful need for symbolism, and that means the architecture must have something that appeals to the human heart. There is a powerful need for symbolism, and that means the architecture must have something that appeals to the human heart ." -Kenzo Tange In the past and present, it is seemingly impossible to find a culture without some sort of symbolism. In most cases, these unique characteristics serve as pillars, supporting a certain way of life. The Walt…

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  • Center Pompidou

    generated based on my visit to the Pompidou center and outside references providing background information about the architects, history, and the project itself. My focus was on the interior structure and the influences from the society on the architecture design. In the end, this paper also assesses the impact of such an advancing design. Introduction Located in the center of Paris, Center Pompidou serves as a culture center and a popular visit site. The structure was built in 1970’s designed…

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  • Georges Pompidou: French Architecture Design Center

    center. At 1969 when Georges Pompidou became the president of France he aimed to build a culture center in the downtown of Paris that contain a vast library, art museum, design center, and institute of contemporary music. Therefore, he organized an architecture competition, and for the first time in France, the outlandish architects were allowed to participate. Between six hundred and eighty-one design, this design has been choosing. This design is by the two foreign architects, the British…

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  • Louis Kahn Non-Details Analysis

    as “attention to or treatment of a subject in individual or minute parts”. The architectural detail starts off as a constructive or technical problem, but the detail can and should be able to indicate the architect’s design intent. Detail is architecture at its smallest scale. Even though detail is a minute part of the whole, it is able to intensify the intended quality of space. Details can both resolve construction problems as well as help one’s understanding of the building and help it…

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  • Interior Design Theory Meaning Of Place

    Interior Design Theories: Meaning of Place, Place Attachment, and Artifact Attachment What is design theory? Design theory is the understanding of strategies, methods, research and analysis of the practice of design. What design theory does is: act as a frame work for analysis, facilitate development, application to real-world problems, provide criteria to judge and evaluate, and is the critical pillar of foundation in knowledge. In this paper we will be examining the theories meaning of place…

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  • Martin Luther King Monument

    Monument is a kind of the architecture for people to memorize the history and understanding the relationship between the past and the present. It records the history from the past, and present it to the future. The purpose of building the monument in the city is for reminding us what we have right now is depends on how many effort they (historical personage) did in the past. Monument is not only for people to memorize something, it also could be educational and motivational to the audience.…

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  • Check The Architect's Work Experience Essay

    Check the Architect 's Work Experiences. A good way for you to see how good an architect is by looking at his previous work. This will allow you to determine an architect 's forte. Familiarizing yourself with the style of an architect allows you to look for an architect that understands your personal style. This is important when building your dream home. Looking at an architect 's previous works allows you to see the quality of his works. Referring to an architect 's previous creations will not…

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  • Burnham And Wellborn Root Essay

    advancement towards Chicago architecture. Root was born in Georgia and Burnham born in New York; however, both became native to Chicago at a youth consequently loving the architecture that was there beforehand. Roots had the better recognized education while learning about architecture in school while studying in Liverpool, England and eventually got a degree in civil engineering from New York State University and then working under one of the greatest 19th century gothic architecture James…

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  • The Big Blue Bear Analysis

    At the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver lurks a huge blue bear outside of the building. A local artist named Lawrence Argent created the blue bear out of alloy steel and fiberglass. Argent’s sculpture is titled I See What You Mean also known as The Big Blue Bear. The bear stands 40 feet tall and was installed in 2005. Argent was born in England and went to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, in Australia to train in sculpturing. Currently, Argent is a professor and Head…

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