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  • Nurse Practitioner Aspirations

    obtaining my bachelor’s degree in nursing then continuing my studies on becoming a nurse practitioner. I’ve decided that I would want to specialize in pediatrics as Nurse Practitioner. I have always been good with children and even took part time jobs babysitting our neighbors’ children when I was in high school. I think taking care of people/kids is in my nature and that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to pursue my dreams of being a nurse practitioner specializing in pediatrics.…

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  • Persuasive Letter For March Break

    it to stop raining because the rain makes me sad. I will also go to “Zootopia” because it looks very funny but I do not know everything about it . I also take breaks like winter break and summer break and march break to earn money like do some babysitting, walk dogs, and sometimes if I don’t need money I will help my church by baking or helping center 507 but I do that all year round. I will also probably eat gummy bears and popcorn and if the snow does not leave…

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  • Example Of A Narrative Essay About My Role Model

    WORK EXPERIENCE: Babysitting: I started babysitting neighbors and family friends kids at the age of 12. I really enjoy working with kids and have always been very responsible. This work is still something that I continue today. Concession/Front Desk: I worked at the Hampton Aquatic Center the summer of my 8th grade year. This was my first real job. My responsibilities included; managing money, helping customers, and keeping the facility clean. During the summer I worked inside, I developed a…

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  • Whats The Difference Between American Mothers And British Mothers

    One of the most important bonds is that between a parent and their children. The responsibility to take care of another human being, to be responsible for them for their developmental years and to continue to support them throughout the rest of your and their lives is a significant undertaking. In a 2016 America, this dynamic faces many challenges. Dual incomes are often required to make ends meet. Families are incurring more debt in early years. A smaller percentage of the population is getting…

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  • Tpcast Analysis For Babysitter

    From this podcast, it simply talked about family life with the topic of babysitting. The podcast starts with a commonality, a family dropping off their children at a babysitters. Christina, the babysitter, is absolutely connected with the four children she babysits; she feels as if she was their second mother. The kids themselves have known their babysitter for about 4 years, almost as long as they have been alive. They have a strong bond with Christina and get over on certain mischievous acts…

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  • Jan's New Job Analysis

    and your body. A good example of this would be from a story called Jan’s New Job. Jan clearly isn’t living the healthiest life. In the picture below the story, Jan looked worried and anxious. I can tell why, and it is an easy fix. Jan’s love for babysitting did not get her enough money, so she decided to work at a fast food restaurant as an after-school job. Jan has to rush to work from school to get there at four o’clock in the afternoon, and she ends at midnight, though she doesn’t get home…

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  • Gregor The Overlanderr Book Report

    I am reading the novel Gregor the overlander by Suzanne Collins, the book Is about a boy named Gregor. Gregor lives on earth with his family, his dad disappeared one day outta nowhere. Gregor was babysitting his younger sister, when she fell into a hole that was in there laundry room. Gregor decides to jump after his sister, they fall through the earth to the underland. While they are down there Gregor discovers new creatures, and he also makes some friends along the way. Gregor is a fantasy…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Friend Before A Hero

    Most kids her age worked and so did she. Grocery shopping for those who could not, doing hair, cooking, cleaning and babysitting. She could have done whatever with the items given to her to perform her job, but she didn’t. All those jobs later assisted her make a living for her daughter and herself. My grandma was a single parent. She raised my mom on her own. Food, clothing…

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  • Standard American English Vs Vernacular Analysis

    For centuries, language is the communication method uniting human to a community yet separating them into different identification as it’s mutating into varieties forms. In the United States, although English is known to be the central language, it branches into contrasting dialects such as Standard American English (SAE) and Vernacular English. SAE is the general formal dialect used professionally amongst educated subject while vernacular is more of an informal dialect used in everyday…

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  • A Fine Line Between A Stubbornness

    Stubbornness We all know that one person who likes it their way and is too stubborn to allow a situation to go in any direction they don 't see fit. Being that person, I learned the perfect balance of striving for what I want and still being a person with well put morals. There is a fine line between stubbornness and being spoiled. I believe that stubbornness isn 't a negative characteristic, yet a gift to strive for what you want. On my fifteenth birthday I had one thing in mind, a car. I knew…

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