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  • Reflection On The Natural By Bernard Malamud

    The Natural, authored by Bernard Malamud is an incredible novel that touches the surface on many human emotions such as insecurity, love, and most profoundly pride. Pride and overconfidence are two obstacles the main character Roy Hobbs faces through the entire story. Roy has a dream, though he may be older he feels now it is his time to become the greatest baseball player to have ever existed. Roy has had earlier setbacks and therefore is not allowing anything in his way this time around. He…

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  • Why Is Baseball Important To Me

    I started playing soccer for my school in first grade and kept on playing till third grade when I stopped because I found a sport I felt was much more appealing to me in the way the game was played and the teamwork needed to play. It could also be fact that my dad told me I needed to play, which was fine because I wanted to play anyway. This sport is baseball, an All-American sport played by athletes who are not afraid to put themselves in front of a 100 mile per hour ball. Baseball takes a…

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  • Baseball Glove Analysis

    Re2pect the Glove Not everything you are taught is the truth. It is a generally accepted and widely taught adage that money does not buy happiness, and that people should not focus on material objects. I agree that we should not obsess over material objects, because after all that is what they are, material, but sometimes a material possession can be attached to a memory or time in your life that is worth remembering. I grew up an avid sports fan, thanks to my father. Together we watched and…

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  • Baseball: The Most Popular Sport In The World

    Baseball back in the 1990's was a popular sport to go to and have some food or drinks. Baseball was an exciting game. The New York Yankees were very popular. They have won and been to many World Series. Baseball has come a long ways in the sport to not being popular at all to becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. Baseball had a lot of effect on the world with different races to play the game. The New York Yankees were the popularity in baseball in the 1990's. There biggest…

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  • Albert Pujols Statue Analysis

    Albert Pujols has been amazing for Saint Louis baseball, he shaped their program into what it is today, a winning, successful team. He is known for hitting over 500 career home runs, which is a feat very few baseball players have achieved. He has won awards such as the MVP, Silver Slugger, Hank Aaron, Gold Glove, and many more awards like those. He has been playing professional baseball for over sixteen years now and has played for both the Saint Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Angels.…

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  • Graduation Speech: Dodger Fans

    Well, Dodger fans, over a week ago we received the worst possible news in the history of all horrible news. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of hyperbole, but it sure feels legit. Clayton Kershaw heading to the 15-Day DL for a mildly herniated disc in his lower back. I know, I know… group hug. He was joined a day or so later by Joc Pederson, who made a spectacular, albeit shoulder crushing catch into the wall, which in turn sent him to the 15-Day DL with a sprained right AC joint. They joined a plethora…

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  • Baseball Bat Research Paper

    The baseball bat has been around for a very long time. It is to be expected then, that like other pieces of sporting equipment, the baseball bat has evolved over time to take its present form. Originally, the players used to make their own baseball bat or get a wood maker to do it for them. This resulted in a huge variety of sizes, although the round baseball bat was always the most popular. With all this variety, the game was starting to swing in favour of the batter over the pitcher, so rules…

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  • I Love Baseball Speech

    If you love baseball this is the perfect story for you. This is about baseball. This is a different story because everything is true. Everything happened We are a team of eleven. All 12 or 13 years old. We at first when we first met we were all just getting to know each other by asking ‘What school do you go to’ and ‘What's your name’. But after about the first few practices we were talking to each other like we’ve known each other all our lives. We a had…

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  • Joe Dimaggio Research Paper

    Brayden Henkle 6/7B Biography on Joe DiMaggio Joe DiMaggio was a star on and off the field. His major league debut was on May 3, 1936. He said, “When baseball is no longer fun, it’s no longer a game “. DiMaggio represented the best in America. It was his character, his sensitivity, and his generosity. If that’s not enough, The Yankee Clipper in his rookie season batted three- twenty three average with twenty nine homeruns. Therefore, Joe DiMaggio made a big impact on and off the field.…

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  • Bill Ripken Research Paper

    The 1989 Fleer Bill Ripken number 616 baseball card is a card you will love to talk about with your family and friends. William 'Billy The Kid' Ripken had a career that included playing for the Baltimore Orioles, Texas Rangers, Cleveland Indians, and Detroit Tigers over 12 seasons. He started out as a second baseman but spent much of his career as a utility infielder. However, it is probably this card for which he received his greatest notoriety as the knob on the handle of his bat was marked…

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