Avoidant personality disorder

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  • The Importance Of Having A Mental Illness

    I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder type I when I was 14, after being treated for Clinical depression for over a year. It made so much sense, and it was a relief, but it was also scary and overwhelming. Another year later, I have learnt to accept it, am functioning well, and am succeeding at school and at my work as a pharmacy assistant. I love the place I live as well; I love the way I can hear waves crashing as I fall asleep, and how the sunset looks from my balcony at night. I love how the…

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  • Merina Case Studies

    Case 12 EXPERIENCE OF MERINA Merina is an 18 year old girl who is a second year B.Com student. She is good in her studies and co-curricular activities. When Merina was eight years old, her mother started behaving weirdly and was diagnosed schizophrenic and has been confined in a rehabilitation center ever since. Since then Merina has been staying in one of her mother’s relative’s house. Merina has never seen her father. In fact, she does not know anything about her father. Her mother does not…

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  • Character Analysis: Stalking Jack The Ripper

    1. Initiation The human psyche is an appealing and complex construct that varies from individual to individual. And it is particularly difficult to walk in a serial killer’s shoe’s and understand his or her actions. A case eminently hard to see through and to comprehend is the Jack the Ripper case. Jack the Ripper was as Serial Killer who murdered In Whitechapel, London, in the late 19th century. And because his identity is still unknown, I am particularly interested in his case and therefore…

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  • Borderline Personality Disorder

    Borderline personality disorder is characterized by stereotypical repetitive and maladaptive interpersonal interactions. Considerable controversy exists regarding preferred treatment and prognosis (Gregory, 2004). The moods of borderline patients are erratic, their personal relationships are turbulent, and their self-image is unstable. When serotonin is decreased, certain areas of the brain involved in emotion regulation, impulsivity and aggression causes the brain not to function properly.…

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  • Current Mental Health Issues

    There are plenty of mental health issues that can be addressed in a mental health group where teaching can be done to help patients learn and improve their quality of life. The mental health issue that we addressed in our group at Harding Hospital was geared towards nutrition and exercise. Healthy eating determines the nutrients that circulate in your system and affects the function of not only the body but the mind as well (Mental Health America 2010). Since there are many patients that come…

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  • Mental Illness And Creativity Analysis

    “Countless painters, composers, writers and musicians have suffered from depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, prompting people to ask the question, are artists more likely to suffer from mental illness?” (Berman) They had done research in 2012 to prove this exact question. During this study, they followed 1.2 million patients and their relatives, finding that bpd, or bipolar disorder, is more common in individuals with artistic professions including dancers, photographers and authors…

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  • The Similarities Between Antisocial Personality And Psychopaths

    Antisocial personality disorder is a mental health disorder characterized by disregard for other people according to sources. Antisocial personality can be caused by genetic factors and environmental factors as well. People who are predisposed to a parent that is antisocial and one that is an alcoholic are at an increased risk to this disorder. There are two behavior traits within this disorder and it makes up a sociopath and psychopath. Sociopaths usually have the tendency to be more impulsive…

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  • Ethos Pathos Logos In Crazy

    In the book, Crazy: A Father’s Search through America’s Mental Health Madness, by Pete Earley, the author tells two stories. One of which is of his son who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and the second describing the investigations inside Miami County Jail. Throughout his book, he effectively uses Aristotle’s triad with the principles of ethos, pathos, and logos to show how corrupted our mental health system is from his own personal experiences. Earley establishes ethos in the beginning of…

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  • Sociopathy In Childhood

    environmental factors impact the well being of a child Psychologically. Even though there can be clear signs of sociopathy during child development, this disorder can only be diagnosed once the person affected is of eighteen years of age. Before the age of eighteen, conduct disorder can be diagnosed and will help with the diagnosis of Antisocial Personality…

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  • Character Analysis: Girl Interrupted

    Girl, Interrupted Girl, Interrupted is a story that takes place in a psychiatric ward during the late 1960’s in Massachusetts. The main character is an eighteen-year-old girl Susana Kaysen, who suffers from borderline personality disorder. Borderline personality disorder is a debilitating high-risk disease associated with strong emotional suffering that impairs everyday functioning (Fertuck, Karan, & Stanley, 2016, p. 1). She is a troubled teenager who recently left high school and appears…

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