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  • Imagery In The Great Gatsby

    Imagery is a vital component to any successful and popular literary work. By using his imagistic style, Fitzgerald brought the setting of The Great Gatsby to life. This descriptive language not only brought the novel to life, but also helped establish certain motifs in key points of the story. The diction that Fitzgerald applies allows the reader to mentally reach a new level of understanding of The Great Gatsby. When combined, these techniques allow Fitzgerald to explore and convey different…

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  • What Role Does Nobody Play In The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby, an enduring classic by F. Scott Fitzgerald, features the tale of James Gatz, a poor boy from the rural farms of North Dakota, and his realization of the American Dream. Although Gatz is born into a poor family with a future destined to revolve around poverty, he transforms his life from that of a poor boy into that of Jay Gatsby, an inconceivably rich man living lavishly in New York. The aspect of audience plays a curious role in the success of Gatsby, namely for whom is Jay…

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  • Ghosts In A Christmas Carol

    “The hair was curiously stirred, as if by breath or hot air.” (Dickens 14) The ghosts in Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol were portrayed creatively and the director of one of the many film interpretations recreated the ghosts almost exactly like Dickens. Three of the ghosts in the film seemed to the most tantamount to the ghosts interpreted in the movies. They were: the ghost of Jacob Marley, the ghost of Christmas past, and the ghost of Christmases yet to come. David Jones has an…

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  • Edward Scissorhands Lighting Analysis

    between Edward and everybody else. His house is dark, black, and gloomy which reflects on his personality as well. Edward doesn’t seem to speak as much as one to two words when he was getting comfortable at Peg’s house, leaving him with the peculiar aura. His outcast appearance is what makes the audience connect to Edward as someone who doesn’t really understand the life outside…

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  • Creative Writing: The Harbringer Meeting (RADIO)

    MEU move into the capital city of HOTH, the Harbringer is displayed sitting on a simple dark throne on several large screens throughout the plaza. He looks straight at the camera, his crimson polarized visor bearing an unforgiving and almost demented aura...before it suddenly splits into two. The two halves begin to peel back, revealing a sinister smile plastered on a familiar face. [RADIO] 1Sgt. Sam 'DiDi' DiBiase: You have got to be kidding me... [RADIO] 2ndLt. Johnathan Westly: Is it too…

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  • Feminism In Alfred Hitchcock's Film The Birds

    In Alfred Hitchcock’s film “The Birds,” the idea of feminism can be said to have a strong impact and importance throughout the film. This idea is brought out from Hitchcock’s depiction of the women in the film. It can be said that Hitchcock is against feminism from his metaphorical use of the bird attacks to punish the women for stepping into male realms. In the analysis of feminism among the female characters, I will use mainly the characters Melanie Daniels and Lydia Brennan since they are the…

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  • Dante Trussardi Fashion Brand

    companies on the international market. Since the very beginning, Trussardi has been world-known for its outstanding design, discreet sophistication and continuous fashion innovation. Trussardi has also tried to expand its brand, while retaining its aura of exclusivity. Trussardi group launched new lines such as “Tru Trussardi”, “Trussardi Home” and “Trussardi Jeans”. They created these new lines because they wanted Trussardi to be perceived not only as a luxury brand but also as a brand with a…

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  • Comparing The Odyssey And Fagles 'O' Brother Where Art Thou

    Darkness is displayed in many ways, including hopelessness and death, but the Great Depression shows the finest of it. This horrible time had a negative effect on people’s thinking, such as actual depression and the feeling of loss. Sounds can remind people of death as well. On the contrary, even reading words can scare anyone to death. O’brother Where Art Thou directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, and The Odyssey written by Homer and translated by Robert Fagles are arts that use words and sounds to…

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  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl Character Analysis

    chance to truly get to know them, the novel ending with them wondering how much they really understood the Lisbon sisters at all. I believe that the fact that Lux is not the one to survive the sister’s collective attempt only contributes to her ethereal aura. Mary dies a significant amount of time after her sisters, yet the male protagonists act as though she died with the rest- as a separate entity, she is not intriguing or special enough to hold their interest, in contrast to Lux, who had been…

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  • Summary Of Nergis Dalal's Skin Deep

    light the sacraments and the ethos of the religion in their works. Writers as Keki.N.Daruwala, Rohinton mistry, Wapsi Sidhwa, Nergis Dalal, have corroborated the real spirit of Parsis. Not only the rituals, traditions, customs of Parsi but also the aura, the food the ambience of house has also been dealt with a fine tooth comb. Initiation into their work is to initiate in the Parsi philosophy and for a non parsi, an opportunity to dive deep into the depth of it. The novel Skin Deep by Nergis…

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