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  • Environmental Sustainability Model Essay

    The Catchment Land Use for Environmental Sustainability model (CLUES), designed by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd (NIWA), provided the data for both the Nitrogen and the Phosphorus concentrations throughout New Zealand. The development of CLUES was through a consolidation of existing mapping procedures and modelling(EnviroLink, 2012), and contributed to by various research organisations (NIWA, 2016). From this collaboration, the models responsible for the Nitrogen…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Organ Transplants

    A wise philosopher, writer, and composer of the eighteenth century once said, “We care about life only when we realize its value” which connects to organ transplants because people often do not realize the preciousness of their lives until it is possible that they will no longer have one (Rousseau). This very depressing realization can be easily made better with organ transplants. They save the lives of so many people who otherwise would completely suffer through organ failure and pass away…

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  • Spotify: An Analysis Of The Spark Music Library

    The mobile market is a highly competitive one, where Spark dukes it out with 2degrees and Vodafone. It suffers from high churn, where a proportion of customers regularly switch to follow the best offers in market. For example at the time of launching this campaign, 40% of Spark’s mobile customers churned annually. In large part this was because telcos generally find it difficult to truly differentiate at a product level. Lower the price of a plan or increase the data allowance to a plan, and…

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  • Importance Of Public Transportation

    objective is to determine the influence of out-of-vehicle facilities, offered by public- transport (PT) operators, on transit users’ perception of trip attributes related to transfers. A user preference survey was conducted at two major PT terminals in Auckland, New Zealand. The survey data was modeled using cumulative prospect theory and fuzzy logic. The results showed that for all trip attributes, except for comfort, transit users’ exhibited risk adverse behavior; users’ revealed greater…

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  • Guard Globalization Analysis

    Global Campus Auckland Graduate Diploma in Business Management Course: IBS690- International business Name: Hemanth Kumar Potluri ID: 13467580 Semester 1, 2015 Assessment 1 Submitting Essay On Guarded Globalisation INTRODUCTION The world is…

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  • News Story Analysis Essay

    News Story Analysis: Peter O’Connor: Public education is a treasure we must protect it. Education is a site of competing and contested ideas. Numerous educational reforms are being proposed or currently underway. In this news story analysis I will be unpacking and critically examining an article writtin by Peter O’Connor in regards that Public education is a treasure we must protect. The perspective I have chosen to also examine the issue is the Progressive Tradition. In this news story…

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  • Non Gatekeeping

    This report discusses gatekeeping and how it operates in New Zealand’s health system. It discusses the relationship between primary and specialist care in the United States, which does not use gatekeeping. Lastly, it compares the health system consequences of a gatekeeping system vs non gatekeeping system, in relation to access, quality and efficiency of health system. Gatekeeping in health care is where primary care providers (PCPs) regulate patients’ access into further care. Patients access…

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  • Barry Barclay's Phases In The Evolution Of Fourth Cinema

    Barry Barclay (2000, p.1) coined the term ‘Fourth Cinema’, a classification in which he encompasses all means of Indigenous Cinema, made by Indigenous people, for Indigenous people. Barclay also puts emphasis on Fourth Cinema ‘Indigenous’ being spelt with a capital “I”, a category he created for his own personal satisfaction but has since caught on globally. This essay will discuss the concept of Fourth Cinema as outlined by Barry Barclay in general, as well as, in relation to Taika Waititi’s…

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  • Design Lessons Learned From The Rion Antirion Bridge

    Seismic Foundation Design Lessons Learned from the Rion Antirion Bridge 1. Introduction The choice of a design concept for designing foundation is decided by various factors such as environmental conditions, information of the building, construction techniques and constraints at finance and time. These aspects will be considered more rigid on seismic foundation designing which is a very broad activity requiring the synthesis of experience and technical knowledge. These will be illustrated by an…

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  • What Is A Biological Problem In My Community

    Report on a Biological Issue that is a problem in my community. Why Type-2 Diabetes Is An issue for my community. - done by sharmayne ngatai :) focus questions to my research and report what is type two diabetes what are the impacts of type two diabetes does adding a healthier diet and exercise plan into your lifestyle prevent type two diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes. diabetes alone is a major issue within our community, but what is Type 2 diabetes, type 2 is a condition in which your blood levels…

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