Attachment parenting

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  • ITTM Intervention: A Case Study

    symptoms the child exhibited. The clinician then explored that attachment relationship between themselves and their caregiver utilizing the same sand tray technique. The clinician also explored the child’s belief system about the people in their life and checked for distortions in the view to determine of the child appeared to be their chronological age. The study does indicate that the typical issues for treatment included: attachment relationship, loss of a significant relationship in the…

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  • The Four Parenting Styles Affecting Child Development

    may feel like they’re horrible parents. The type of parenting style a parent demonstrates can affect child development particularly in infancy through early childhood. There are four different parenting styles: permissive, authoritarian, authoritative, and indifferent. The findings will provide the characteristics of each parenting style and how each style affects children’s temperament, psychological development, academic success, and attachment relationships. Findings An authoritative parent…

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  • How Relationships Affect Children's Social Development

    Particular focus has been on the lack of sensitive parenting if only for a short while this can still impact children’s social and emotional development (Farrington-Flint, Pg79) For example postnatal depression. Research has looked at what effects this had on children throughout life. Murray (1992 cited Farrington-flint…

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  • Ainsworth's Attachment Theory: A Psychological Analysis

    the author’s development, by correlating her experiences to psychological theories. Firstly, Erikson’s Developmental Stages will be delved into, particularly, focusing on his fourth and fifth stage. Subsequently, Parental Styles and Ainsworth’s Attachment theories will be analysed in relation to the authors upbringing. Lastly, a broader critique of Erikson’s theories will be analysed in association to the author in the South African context. Erik Erikson is yet today a profound psychologist due…

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  • Parenting Styles Essay

    Parenting styles have a wide variety of effects on children. A large amount of research has been dedicated to parenting and how it can influence children’s development. To begin, before addressing the scenario, one must understand how parenting is classified and also the four different types of parenting with the effects they have on children. Only then, can one show how a parent in each style would react to the scenario. For over 50 years, scholars have conducted research on the topic of…

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  • Parenting Styles In Child Care Essay

    one of the biggest challenges parents have to face in their life. When having a child the way you care about them will affect them in their whole life. We had chosen some of the common parenting style we see the most Especially during the early developmental years. This topic is very important because parenting style it directly effect the child cares. In this task we had used a Qualitative research method and a descriptive approach in order to case study and understands the causes. At the…

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  • Positive Family Development

    The positive, encouraging relationship of a family system brings health, vitality and a thriving foundation for a child’s self to develop (Broderick & Blewitt, 2015). When secure attachments do not occur, negative parenting style exists, and where a warmth dimension is void, the outcome can have a negative impact on the health and development of the child’s self over a life span (Broderick & Blewitt, 2015). Research of family systems has existed for over 60 years and has shown the influence that…

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  • Child Rearing Styles

    authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, or uninvolved styles. Each of these types of child rearing styles can affect the child's attachment once older. Hopefully, with this paper I can explain how each child rearing style of my choosing affects a child's attachment and their ability to cope with themselves as well as their culture being incorporated in the different types of attachment. Authoritative According to Berk (2014), authoritative child rearing style involves warm, responsive,…

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  • Adolescence Final Exam

    Final Exam 1. What does it mean to grow as a person? Adolescence (Chapters 9-10) Development is an intricate, unified process that takes place throughout the lifespan. In adolescence three main developmental tasks are underway including physical development, cognitive development, and identity development. Physical Development When speaking of physical development in adolescence, both genetic and environmental factors play a role in a process of sexual maturation known as puberty (p. 283).…

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  • Psychosocial Influences, healthy attachment is a “reciprocal, enduring emotional connection between a child and his/her primary caregiver that begins when the child is in utero”. Furthermore, many things impact whether this attachment is healthy or unhealthy. Some psychosocial factors that could impact or influence attachment include parenting style, caregiver sensitivity, temperament of the child, and certain medical conditions. Parenting style influences attachment because it dictates how the…

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