Attachment parenting

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  • Social Withdrawal In Children

    Social withdrawal in children moderates the association between parenting styles and the children’s own socioemotional development. A consistent display of solitary behavior when encountering familiar or unfamiliar peers across situations and over time, that is social withdrawal (Rubin & Coplan, 2004 ) , has been shown to increase the risk of socio-emotional difficulties later in life ( Rubin, Coplan & Bowker)Socially withdrawn children frequently refrain from social activities in…

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  • Hirschi's Social Control Theory

    For example, while the self-control theory holds effective parenting as the source of crime, what of those who are raised in a foster home or who receive little attention from their parents but yet do not commit crime. The self-control theory also fails to recognize those that have had misbehavior corrected by their…

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  • Three Positive Characteristics Of Parenting

    the opportunity is there to practice and foster great communication. This is not something to be taken lightly or ignore, we have the great responsibility of instilling these skills into our children. One of the most important aspects of positive parenting is ensuring that each and every member of the family feels heard, that they are understood, and that they can express themselves without condescension or reproach Slide 3 Three Positive Characteristics of Fathering and their impact on school…

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  • The Relationship Between Parent And Child Development

    in the child (behavior problems), the parent (e.g. psychopathology), or the family context (e.g. economic hardship, minority status). Child developmental delay, child diagnosis of ADHD/ODD, and low family income are associated with lower positive parenting scores, a measure of a “resilient parent (Farber, 2016). I never offered options, at the same time I did teach them independency. Being a single mom, I did not know no other way but to be strict and restrict them from society. I can remember…

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  • Analysis Of A Difficult Child

    he did not have a positive nor warm relationship with his mother, he did not bond nor has a positive attachment to his mother. Although, at the end of the movie, it would seem Kevin may have an unhealthy obsession of his mother. When I re-watched the movie, I thought in some…

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  • Over Directive Parenting

    responsibility for their children’s experiences. Overprotective parenting is when parents are controlling the child’s life and the parents are doing everything for the child so they will not feel disappointed. Overprotective parenting is when the parents are doing the child’s chores, choosing the child’s friends and activities for them, solving the child’s problems, and making sure that the child always succeeds. (Listing) Overprotective parenting started in the 1980s, when baby boomers were the…

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  • Do Parents Make A Difference In The Life Of A Child Analysis

    The debates surrounding parenting is like attempting to avoid stepping on a land mine in a field riddled with such explosives. There is no definite right way to parent, even though there are plenty of wrong ways. This begs questions surrounding the topic of parents’ and caregivers’ rights to make informed decisions about a child. Do parents have the right to make informed decisions pertaining to the child’s life? When should the parents’ desires be limited to protect the wellbeing of the child?…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Same Sex Parenting

    countries. However, the “traditional family” is no longer as common and there is a great diversity of family structures in today’s society. Single parenthood, cohabitation and same-sex parenthood are some of the nontraditional family forms. Same-sex parenting has become more common recently in countries such as the United States, partially due to the increased options for same-sex couples to become parents, such as raising a biological offspring of one of the parents, adoption, donor…

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  • Parent-Directed Interaction Analysis

    It was based around social learning theory and attachment theory. There is now support that parenting curriculums such as PCIT can fill a need in families that have had previous abuse offences. It has been found that PCIT can help prevent intervention from becoming necessary and helps prevent abuse and reoffending. Studies…

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  • Negative Connotations Of Single Parents

    are in the United States as of 2011. It is common for single parents to receive negative connotation for raising children or multiple children alone. However, most single parents do start out in committed relationships and do not expect to begin parenting their child alone. Referring to that same article, about 82.2% of custodial parents are in fact the women, and the other 17.8% are men. It is most common for the mothers to gain full custody for the children for multiple reasons, each depending…

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