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  • Goals In Field Work

    The questions posed should be reflective of your goals and should appeal to a large audience. Committees always want to know your potential and if you can convey your ideas effectively. Before starting, find out what most interest you, not you advisor nor anyone else. If no ideas come to mind, refer back to previous studies for ideas. Develop your questions, and don’t be obsessed about perfection; a lot of factors in field work are out your control, so try several experiments at once, and work…

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  • Gender Differences In Sociology

    Discussion The main result of this study was the gender difference. Males tended to favour privatisation and have less prosocial thoughts than females which was an unexpected finding. However you do have to take into account the number of participants in each gender when determining the average answers for each question. The control group responded as expected. Those primed with money did not show any difference in support for special or universal programmes which was not the selfish or self…

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  • Pursuing A Biology Class

    During three of my four years of high school I took various forms of a biology class, beginning with “Biology Honors” my freshman year and moving on to “IB Biology HL I” in my junior year, followed by “IB Biology HL II” senior year. I recall freshman year paying little to no attention to the lectures I received in class. Instead, I’d write down song lyrics in my biology notebook and talk to the friends sitting next to me. Every exposition on photosynthesis or Latin nomenclature sailed through…

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  • Scientific Research Proposal

    prepared as effective design researchers. Designers cannot rely upon a lengthy history of research methods…

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  • Explanatory Quantitative Study

    DiGuiseppe K ADTED 507 Lesson 4 "Building a Methodological Foundation: Doctorial-Level Methods Courses in Colleges of Education" (McMillan and Wergin 2010) 1. Where would be a more appropriate place for a statement of purpose? Write sentences that could be used to indicate 1) that a comparison of programs and 2) dissertation experiences and requirements are also a focus of the study. Although Leech & Goodwin (2008) propose a general problem statement in…

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  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Micro-Longitudinal Research

    Lisa Kiang and Christy Buchanan from Wake Forest University decided to conduct a micro-longitudinal research using a daily diary method, empirical study, and quantitative study. In addition, they used a stratified sampling design to narrow down the tested subjects to Asian Americans and then categorizing them into separate subsections of different ethnicities and classifications of Asians. The study did not have a hypothesis because their research was mainly exploratory and instead looked at the…

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  • Nonprobability Sampling

    Because information is taken from cautiously drawn samples within a smaller group, another fundament of sampling is receiving results that are more accurate than they would be from a larger group (Monette, Sullivan, & DeJong, 2011, p.135). Two methods used in research are probability and nonprobability sampling. Probability sampling such as simple random sampling (SRS), guarantees that all scientific components have an equal chance of being included in the sample (Monette et al., 2011,…

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  • Falsification And Disagreement In Research

    it provides a less emotional way for researchers to develop new ideas. Likewise, the natural sciences possess specific criteria which must be met before an issue is further considered; this can be seen in the underlying mechanism of the scientific method. An observation results in a hypothesis, and experimentation either supports or refutes the hypothesis. Through such structured methodology, a concept becomes a theory, and a theory can then become a law. Within the natural sciences, skepticism…

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  • Summative Teacher Evaluation

    According to Glickman, Gordon and Ross-Gordon (2014) teacher evaluation systems should contain aspects of both summative and formative evaluations. Summative evaluations alone do not lead to the improvement of instructional practices of teachers. Following this type of protocol in teacher evaluation can also cause negative feelings and lack of participation by teachers. It is important that the teacher evaluation process fosters trust and open communication between teachers and evaluators…

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  • Case Study Of ALCO Sensors

    Any career in the criminal justice field will at some point involve the research process. There are many terms that are used in research that can be very useful. These new terms can easily apply to my current career as I research ALCO sensors. These terms can also help by being an asset when evaluating and analyzing research studies or data. By not taking the time and learning about this new terms can affect me by not fully understanding the research process and having a negative effect on my…

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