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  • Negative Effects Of Bottom Trawling

    records to support fishery management. Sixty percent of the trawlers in China are distributed in the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea. The Yellow Sea (YS) is a semi-closed area of the Northwest Pacific Ocean with an average depth of 44 m. The East China Sea (ECS) lies over the broad shelf of the Northwest Pacific Ocean with an average depth of 370 m. Trawling for Chinese fishery in the two seas mainly occurs in coastal waters or in seawater at depth to 300 meters. Based on our in situ…

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  • Relocation Of Japanese Americans Essay

    Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 that allowed for the relocation of all those living in coastal Washington, Oregon, and California with Japanese ancestry. Those living on the West coast were relocated to desolate places far away from the Pacific Ocean and placed in camps with other Japanese Americans. There were a few reasons for the relocation of Japanese Americans in the middle of February of 1942 and up until 1945 when some were just barely beginning to be released. The reasons…

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  • Role Of Convicts In The European Settlement Of Australia

    VU21481 Student Name: Chee Leong Cheang ID: GEC000007K Task 1 Examine the coastal exploration of Australia prior to 1778 1. New Zealand The Great Southern Land 2. Sea was dangerous the winds didn't always blow in the right direction for the sea travel and it was such a long way it was difficult to bring enough food and water. 3. Great southern land is a single released by the Australia rock band iceberg. Peaking at number five on the Australia singles chart. It…

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  • The Hawaiian Dream Analysis

    How is it that some volcano in the middle of the Pacific ocean exploded in this exact spot? How did the birds survive, how did the soil get ground down from the spiky lava? How did the plants grow? This is paradise on Earth. This is the Hawaiian Dream. Hot damn, talk about freak volcanic eruptions and…

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  • South China Case Study

    The current state of the Pacific is becoming increasingly complex and delicate. Although the Pacific Air Force’s dedication to “working with our allies and partners to deter aggression, increase burden sharing, and maintain peace and stability.” is still being maintained, local state actors have made it increasingly difficult for restoring stability in the region, primarily the aggressive actions of China in the South China Sea. As stated in the U.S. Pacific Command’s Posture Statement, “Chinese…

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  • Yann Martel's Life Of Pi: Character Analysis

    ” Yann Martel mentioned this in his famous novel “Life of Pi”,a piece of literature which was then remediated into a movie in 2012. It mainly illustrates the development of the protagonist, Piscine Molitor Patel, and his legendary journey in the Pacific Ocean with an extraordinary companion, a tiger named Richard Parker. This romance narrative follows the narrative circle by possessing childhood curiosity, going through teenage initiation, and finally, overcoming underworld threats and resisting…

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  • Life Of Pi Theme Of Survival

    likely be "that's impossible". But Yann Martel wrote a book giving similar instructions on how to do just that. In Yann Martel's novel, Life of Pi, readers follow Pi, a 16-year-old boy, throughout his journey of being stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a tiger for 227 days. Throughout the book, the most definitive theme is survival. Pi is put through a lot of dangerous situations and the challenge of survival can be looked at, at many different levels. Not only does he learn to…

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  • Life Of Pi And The Ocean

    character, Pi, is left without his family and only accompanied by an untrained Bengal tiger, Richard Parker. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Pi is compelled to train the tiger for his own survival and faces several physical and spiritual challenges. The existence of these challenges is because of where the novel is set, Pi alone with the tiger, a lifeboat, a raft, and the Pacific Ocean. As a result of overcoming these obstacles, Pi is forced to change and further develop as a character. The…

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  • Ocean Cleaning Research Paper

    are people who are killing our planet. On the other hand, there are heroes who are looking for ways to try to save it. Boyan Slat is an example of a Dutch inventor who figured out a way to clean up the ocean on an enormous scale starting from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. With a team of 99 scientists, Boyan is working on this technique which filters the ocean without harming the living creatures. There are many issues that ocean creatures suffer from which are done by humans, and…

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  • Allegory And Symbolism In 'The Ocean' By Nathaniel Hawthorne

    The Ocean "The Ocean" written by Nathaniel Hawthorne was published in 1833. This poem describes the ocean and the symbolism that the ocean has. Being written over a century ago, this poem still describes the ocean as it stands today. The ocean is a very difficult place to conquer. It is always changing and is never the same. Hawthorne demonstrates these attributes to the ocean throughout his poem while giving in to a deeper meaning. Nathaniel Hawthorne is a very well-known author. One of…

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