As I Lay Dying

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  • The Benefits Of Physician Assisted Death

    In March of 2014, I watched my grandfather, who had stage four non-small cell lung cancer, lay in a hospital bed for a duration of fourteen days. During those fourteen days he was hooked up to a variety of machines, including a feeding tube and a ventilator. He was very much drugged up on morphine and was…

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  • Hamlet Mouse Trap Analysis

    As I sit by my queen and drink until I can no longer take another sip I sit excitingly on the edge of my chair waiting for this gathering of the play-within-a-play to benign. I start to watch but soon look over to my queen and raise my eyebrow due to what has just been spoken by the player king. I sit up more now and ease in so I can hear more clearly what is being spoken. I lay my eyes on hamlet for a second too see what kind of reaction is on his face but instead I was dismayed to see his…

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  • My First Fear Analysis

    The fears I face I face at least one fear a day. My biggest fear would have to be hospitals and needles; sadly I’ve seen a lot of those lately. Learning to face those fears is something that I’ve always had a hard time doing. Doctors tell me that my fear should lessen as I get older but I see it staying the same or getting worse. Fears I feel are something that everyone has. It may be the simple fear of clowns or something serious like dying. I’ve had the same two fears since I started…

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  • Of The Epicurean's Argument That Pleasure Is The Highest Good

    will first lay out the importance of this view and its major positions which it stands for. After which, objections against Hedonism (from Aristotle and Cicero), and the Evolutionary perspective will be discussed. Eudaimonia is the highest good in life (Aristotle), and the evolutionary argument to what makes a good “The highest good” is that it leads one away from death, and towards life.…

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  • I Will Die In Beauty Short Story

    I will die in beauty. I remember reaching to the light, my sisters and brothers encouraging me along. It was long ago. A distant memory. Now I wonder if it was worth it but back then it, meant everything. I came from a dark grimy place. Day after day I could see nothing but black encompassing darkness. It was cold, rough and scary. In hush whispered terms brother spoke of a different world, a faraway place, where the darkness couldn’t reach us. Back then I thought it was just a fairytale. I…

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  • The Figurative Language In The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock

    The figurative language so artfully embedded in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” furthers the at times almost tangible sense of the passing of time as the speaker lays out his story as if he were setting the table for a meal. One such instance presents itself when, in the first stanza, the speaker unceremoniously lays out the initial setting, saying, “When the evening is spread out against the sky / Like a patient etherized upon a table” (2-3). This simile places the poem in a peaceful…

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  • Emotions Between Characters In Les Miserables By Victor Hugo

    However, Marius did not know she had the note until he found Eponine lying on the ground after being wounded by a bullet from the crossfire. As Eponine was slowly dying, she reaches for the note and says, “Listen, I don’t want to deceive you. I have a letter in my pocket for you. Since yesterday. I was told to put it in the post. I kept it. I didn’t want it to reach you. But you would not like it of me perhaps when we meet again so soon… (Hugo 244).” This moment is when Marius finally sees…

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  • The Importance Of Death In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

    Death is feared by many people because of the simple fact that is it unavoidable, well unless you are granted immortality like a god. Throughout “The epic of Gilgamesh” we are shown that Gilgamesh and Enkidu fear dying without being remembered. The pair of friends go on various journeys for the simple pleasure of having fame and being seen as heroes throughout Uruk. Gilgamesh and Enkidu face great despair that completely change their perspective about what life and death really means. At the…

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  • Alone To The Alone

    Israelites or the Aryans and Dravidians of the subcontinent, worshipped and feared gods they had never seen, yet their trust and faith lay in those gods that they shaped with their own hands, the carved images of gods, their faith in these gods, like the golden calf, had been far deep than the faith the Israelites had in the God of Moses, the God who said “I am who I am.” It makes me wonder the…

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  • Clapham's Analysis

    Wars inevitably cause immense human suffering, but the suffering in World War I for soldiers and civilians alike was especially traumatic and unbearable.What is there in Clapham’s account that may explain this phenomenon? (June 19, 1915, 341). Clapham’s account displays not only the physical trauma resulting in debilitating physical effects, but also severe and everlasting emotion trauma. By Clapham’s tone in this writing, the events he is seeing do not appear to be abnormal, he appears to…

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