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  • Blanchard's Cricket Frog Research Paper

    Blanchard’s Cricket Frog (Acris blanchardi) Introduction As humans, we get the opportunity to share and coexist on this planet with some extraordinarily unique and diverse organisms. Of such organisms, reptiles and amphibians are some of the most adaptable organisms on Earth, residing on every continent except bitter cold Antarctica. Here in Minnesota, There are 22 species of amphibians and 31 species of reptiles, ranging from the fast moving salamanders to the slow and nimble turtles. I got…

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  • Biological Big Bang Theory

    of profuse skeletonized metazoans, an abrupt intensification in biodiversity and the appearance of most modern lives (Von Bloh 18). Animals that appeared suddenly in this era include: hard bodied brachiopods, those with dorsal nerve cord, and the arthropods. During the explosion, an approximate number of about thirty-five, of the total forty phyla appeared on the earth’s surface. Phyla are known…

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  • Acid Rain Essay

    and causes then to take in the aluminum that advances from the soil into lakes and streams. This mix makes waters lethal to crawfish, shellfishes, and other aquatic creatures. It creates an atmosphere that threatens the survival of aquatic life. Arthropods and fish die in water that has a pH level less than five. Water with a low pH level causes gill damage in fish and death to fish embryos. With a level of five, most fish eggs cannot hatch. The effects of freshwater acidification as carbon…

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  • Utilitarianism In Critical Thinking

    Critical thinking is a series of thinking processes to assess judgment, assumption, argument or claim in a thorough and rational manner. Critical thinking is the most fundamental skills that can be achieved by postgraduate students which applicable to other context as well, or termed as a transferable skill. Postgraduate students are primarily working on a research project which suits well with their own interest. On the daily basis, students are using scientific approach to figure out the…

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  • Theme Of Syme In George Orwell's '1984'

    When authors emphasize an object or event, they do it on purpose because the object or event will play a role later in the story. Orwell demonstrates Winston’s fear of rats in the middle of the story to foreshadow the impact of the creature during the torture of Winston. Julia sees a rat when she and Winston are in their secret room. She goes on to tell Winston that women do not dare leave a baby alone, because the huge, brown rats will hurt the baby. Horrified, Winston tells her to stop and…

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  • Wastewater Pollution Essay

    BACTERIOPHAGE MEDIATED PHYTOREMEDIATION Wastewater is any water that is against the usage by human . Wastewater is the result of domestic, commercial, industrial or agricultural activities. After the use water is returned to the environment in a different condition, usually as dirty water (wastewater).It is never returned in the same way as it was withdrawn. Wastewater produced by households or communities is also called municipal wastewater or sewage. (Tilley) Effluent refers to the sewage or…

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  • 1. Why Do Sex Chromosomes Have Peculiar Passing Down Traits?

    For this assignment, I chose to interview Dr. Stuart McDaniel, an assistant professor at the University of Florida. Since Dr. McDaniel was a child, he loved the outdoors and was always interested in backpacking. He had a specific interest for maps and the distribution of plants. Plants on mountain tops never ceased to amaze him. He received is Bachelors of Science in biology from Oberlin College. In 1994, he moved to Paraguay as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Agroforestry department. After that,…

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  • Evolutionary Theory Vs Intelligent Design

    Introduction The purpose of this statement is to address the recent changes to the South Carolina Curriculum Standard. Research will be conducted on both Evolutionary theory and Intelligent Design theory to determine if high school biology teachers should teach their students Intelligent Design as a valid alternative to Evolutionary theory. Intelligent Design The Intelligent Design theory argues that the world and all the creatures in it were created not by random mutations and evolution, but…

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  • Research Paper On Zika Virus

    Combatting the Zika Virus What may seem like a mild, common, mosquito borne illness can prove to be a tragedy to families. In most adults, the Zika virus simply causes fever, rash, and upsets the digestive tract, like many other illnesses, but when it comes to expectant mothers, it can cause devastating effects. Zika can cause the brain of a fetus to fail to develop, an issue known as microcephaly. This issue makes it impossible for an infant to successfully grow into a fully functioning human,…

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  • Animalia Research Paper

    "Animalia" redirects here. For other uses, see Animalia (disambiguation). Animals Temporal range: Cryogenian – Present, 670 –0Ma Had'nArcheanProterozoicPha. Animal diversity.png About this image Scientific classification e Domain: Eukaryota (unranked): Unikonta (unranked): Opisthokonta (unranked): Holozoa (unranked): Filozoa Kingdom: Animalia Linnaeus, 1758 Phyla List of animal phyla Synonyms Metazoa Animals are multicellular eukaryotic organisms that form the biological kingdom Animalia. With…

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