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  • Colville Horse And Train Essay

    viewed from the rear, galloping past the viewer’s right and toward a black train, which emerges from the works horizon to face the viewer. This painting is a gift of the Dominion Foundries and Steel Ltd. and can be found hanging on the walls of the Art Gallery of Hamilton. This piece combines contrasting shapes and lines to aid viewers in imagining the speed of both the horse and train. High-speed objects utilize well-defined lines and smooth shapes while objects such as the slow blowing grass,…

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  • Paul Gauguin Tahitian Women Essay

    women's’ hair and the bows tying their hair back; the shine on their hair suggests that the moon is out above them and the bows give them an even more child-like appearance. Today the painting is the located in Paris, France at the Musee d’Orsay museum. Gauguin did several other similar paintings including “Two Women of Tahiti” and “Two Tahitian Women”, the first being the most similar. Overall the painting can be described as very calm and timeless; this piece has been around for more than a…

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  • Postman Joseph Roulin Essay

    The portrait of postman Joseph Roulin was one of artist Vincent van Gogh’s favorite artwork. In 1888, van Gogh moved to Arles, France where he met Joseph Roulin. Roulin lived on the same street as van Gogh and they quickly became close friends. He became one of the most supportive person van Gogh has encounter during his difficult and lonely times as an artist in Southern France. The appearance of Joseph Roulin left a great impression on van Gogh, with his dark blue uniform, sturdy golden beard…

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  • Museum Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    Rhetorical Analysis of Art therapy in Art Museums Art museums can serve as a therapeutic tool, especially for elders. Paring a museum environment with art therapy techniques can help encourage people to better themselves within a comfortable setting. Art therapy generally has the same amount of benefits as any other therapeutic practice. By partnering art observation with writing or discussion, self-awareness is experienced and encouraged. The article at hand researches the effect art therapy…

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  • The New Museum Essay

    should be included in a museum? That is a question that not many visitors ask about a museum, however as an architect or designer it is a fundamental question to ask one’s self when it comes to describing a museum. It can become a debate, deciding whether the museum should or should not be a simple massing where art is displayed. If the answer is it should, then why not just design a white box where all the attention goes into the art on the inside? When it comes to museums, we think of a place…

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  • Creative Alliance Conclusion

    Although the Creative Alliance gallery and the Baltimore Museum of Art are both reputable venues to observe a multitude of art, the ambiance of each establishment drastically sets them apart. Both museums are located in Baltimore, Maryland and include free admission to all aspects of the building. Baltimore Museum of Art is significantly larger than the Creative Alliance, with a much larger collection of fine art pieces. The Creative Alliance was founded in 1995 and has been considered a…

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  • Glenbow Museum Analysis

    Visiting a museum has always been a top priority, since it not only house the ancient cultural history but also communicates in a symbolic manner to all age groups. Today the very concept of the museum has undergone a drastic transformation. Museums in contemporary times are not restricted to ancient people and history, but museum today comprise histories and impart stories of human beings. As a result there are different types of museums focusing on diverse issues such as eco-museums focus on…

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  • Essay On Detroit Public Library

    The Hidden Symbolism Behind the Detroit Public Library As I stepped into one of the huge reading rooms in the Detroit Public Library, or DPL, I was filled with awe. The massive room, coated in decorative plaster and artistic images, felt surreal. The beautiful architecture of the Detroit Public Library is unforgettable and a trade mark of the city beautiful movement. The history of Detroit and its Urban Form defines how people interact with the city today. It ultimately forms various Ways of…

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  • Native American Indian Art History

    In 1941, the director of Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Rene d’Harnoncourt and Fredric Douglas, an anthropologist and curator of American Indian collections established an art exhibition, Indian Art of the United States in the Museum of Modern Art. It was organized by prehistoric art, living traditions, and modern-day Indian art. The exhibit included art from prehistoric carvers in the West, Northeast Coast, and engravers in the Arctic, sculptors of the East, hunters, woodsmen, planters and…

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