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  • Personal Narrative: The St Patricks Cathederal

    reflecting through them became more vivid. It seemed to fill me with warmth and a comfortable feeling. The colors of the stained glass windows became more real. When I looked through the glass the light was dull, but when I began to appreciate the work of art more when the sun came out. You are only able to see the full work out stained glass when the sun is out. Life itself can be represented through stained glass because it shines as the sun beams through the pieces of glass, but when there…

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  • What It Means To Be Creative By S. I Hayakawa Analysis

    The essay written by S.I. Hayakawa “What It Means to Be Creative” went over many aspects that are seen in Van Gogh. Van Gogh was a famous painter from about 1888 to current, seeing as his paintings are still sought after to this very day. He was also famous for cutting off his own ear. Through his letters to his brother Theo he has given us a look into his life, in addition we see the pain and suffering, as well as the joy he went through from day to day. In the Hayakawa essay he named numerous…

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  • Starry Night Formal Analysis

    techniques used to help decipher what is seen into written words. The concepts of formal analysis can be used with any work of art, no matter the time-period, whether it be a painting, sculpture, or building. The Formal Elements, together, make up an artwork. The elements are shape, tone, line, form, pattern, texture, color, and composition. The way they are arranged in an art piece, governs what the finished product will look like. The artist has a specific way of arranging the elements. The…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh Art Style

    David May Kucharski Drawing I Due: December 5th Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh is most commonly known for his style of “impasto” which is a technique where paint, usually oil paint is laid on thickly and sometimes in layers so that the paint strokes are visible to the viewer. However, throughout his lifetime, Van Gogh experimented with many different styles and techniques. Some of those being oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, and sketches. But even within these different styles, one…

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  • Atmospheric Perspective: A Visual Analysis

    Atmospheric perspective is designed to suggest a 3D space in the 2D space of the picture, and in which forms and objects distant from the viewer (Adams, 2003). This atmospheric perspective can be seen in the sky of the painting, the viewer cannot see anything distinct pass the mountain, but it is implied there is something beyond the mountains. The atmospheric perspective stretches the landscape of the painting, and makes the painting seem bigger than it actually is. Highlights in paintings are…

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  • Midnight In Chinatown Essay

    Midnight in Chinatown In SFMOMA, the work that attracted me the most is “Midnight in Chinatown” taken by Williard E. Worden in 1903. As the name suggests, the photography depicts the Chinatown at midnight by using a long shot. There are Chinese traditional buildings along on the sides with dim lantern lights reflecting on the surface of ground. The photograph has a grey tone overall, which enhances a sense of quietness. The photographer uses the technique of perspective to suggest the endless…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh's Art Analysis

    Vincent van Gogh, who is amongst the most famous Post-Impressionist artists, who paintings are exceptionally unique. One characteristic that made Van Gogh’s art unique was his dramatic, yet expressive personal style he added on to his work. Van Gogh was an art dealer, teacher, and evangelist before he decided to pursue being an artist. When Van Gogh moved to Paris, it led to him gaining exposure to the Parisian avant-garde. From there, Van Gogh tailored Seurat’s pointillism, by applying…

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  • Nighthawks' By Edward Hopper: Painting Analysis

    Edward Hopper created the beautiful painting titled Nighthawks. It is made from oil on canvas. He created the painting in 1942 and he was inspired to create it because of a restaurant on New York’s Greenwich Avenue. Fluorescent light came into use in the early 1940’s. Nighthawks is a painting showing four people in a restaurant late at night. The lines in the painting are mostly straight with a few curves. The lines are mostly straight to make the buildings more structured. The shapes are…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh Vs Picasso Research Paper

    prominent painters which have shaped the world of human art as we know it. Painters which paint with perfection in mind, with the idea of painting what they see how it is, and then there are painters who paint not what they see, but how they see it. Two of the most famous painters in the latter category is the infamous Vincent van Gogh, and the Cubism creator, Pablo Picasso. These two painters shaped human art history as we know it, with their art work being valued at millions, and their…

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  • Colville Horse And Train Essay

    viewed from the rear, galloping past the viewer’s right and toward a black train, which emerges from the works horizon to face the viewer. This painting is a gift of the Dominion Foundries and Steel Ltd. and can be found hanging on the walls of the Art Gallery of Hamilton. This piece combines contrasting shapes and lines to aid viewers in imagining the speed of both the horse and train. High-speed objects utilize well-defined lines and smooth shapes while objects such as the slow blowing grass,…

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