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  • Waiting For The Verdict Analysis

    I visited the Getty museum in Los Angeles. My favorite piece at the Getty is actually a pair of oil paintings by Abraham Solomon (1857). Both Waiting for the Verdict and Not guilty capture the emotions before and after the announcement of a Victorian man’s verdict. In the first piece, Waiting for the Verdict, Solomon illustrates an array of emotions that reflect the moment. In the lower left of the painting, a remorseful man sits with his head in his hands while his body leans forward,…

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  • The Gross Clinic Essay

    done by Thomas Eakins, an American realist painter, who also dabbled in photography. Eakins is widely acknowledged to be one of the most important artists in American art history. Throughout Eakins career he had difficulties with the public and critics. The Gross Clinic, 1875 is an oil on canvas, 96" x 77" and was rejected by the art jury for the exhibition in Philadelphia, because it was too brutally realistic. The painting illustrates the prominent surgeon Dr. Samuel Gross conducting a surgery…

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  • Pablo Picasso The Old Guitar Analysis

    An Old Man's Sorrow In the beginning of the twentieth century Pablo Picasso created something called the "blue period." During this period the style of artwork was monochromatic and usually used colors such as dark blue or greens. Use of such colors gave the paintings of the time a gloomy and sorrowful appearance. One of the most well-known paintings of this time is The Old Guitarist. From the stark contrast creates a disjointed message of a young man's mind. Picasso portrays his old man as…

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  • Visual Analysis Of Starry Night

    When Vincent Van Gogh created this painting he had to have thought out the design greatly because it is bursting with plenty of elements and principles of design. The design aspects of this painting are great and lead you all over the place to give you a story and understanding of the painting. Starry Night has many design elements and principles. Van Gogh used the primary triad in this painting. Blue is heavily used throughout the whole piece. Yellow is used mostly in the top part of the…

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  • Promoiselles D Avignon: A Visual Analysis

    From the era of invention to the Jazz age, there has been a plentiful amount of beautiful and meaningful pieces of art produced. "The Prodigal Son" by Aaron Douglas, and "Les Demoiselles d 'Avignon" by Pablo Picasso are two examples of art from these time periods. By reading into these paintings it 's possible to grasp the artist 's feelings and thoughts along with an understanding of life, and how the social climates were during their time periods. Even though they 're separated by two…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night

    The Starry Night. Kloss states: it is “majestic, expressionistic and unexpected. It is often cited as one of the most important precursors of German and Nordic Expressionism.” “At least one art historian has observed that it is more powerful, and more imaginative, than anything in later Expressionistic art, which proceeded from a similar charged vision of Nature (L44). Van Gogh’s work around this time was full of “passion and turmoil” yet his Starry Night is an extreme expression of…

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  • Gustav Klimt's Hard Times Lead To Great Ends

    mother was a talented singer but never did anything about it. Gustav Klimt’s main focus of his work is on religion and love. Although, The Kiss is his most famous piece of art to this day, Death and Life is the most influential and inspiring piece he has ever made. After his graduation in 1883 from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, he started a company with his younger brother Ernest and friend Franz Masch. Company of Artist was sought out for. He, his brother and Franz primarily…

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  • Significance Of Diwali

    It is not just your typical night; it is a night which is brighter than day; a festival which is even visible from space, Diwali. ‘Deepavali’ is what Diwali was known as, it is derived from two words, deep as in a candle (light); avali means a row. Hence, the meaning of Deepavali is a row of lights; this has an ancient story behind it. Over a billion people celebrate Diwali making it the most observed holiday in India. On this day lanterns, electric lights and fireworks illuminate the night to…

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  • The Night Cafe Vincent Van Gogh Analysis

    Critical Analysis on The Night Cafe by Vincent Van Gogh In 1888, Vincent Van Gogh painted a painting called The Night Cafe. He used oil on canvas as his medium and used a 72,4 cm by 92.1 cm canvas. The subject matter of the piece is a narrative, and the setting takes place indoors. To be more specifically it’s in a cafe which contains many still lives such as clocks, tables, chairs, glasses, and much more.In addition to the still lifes there is also many people doing a variety of things…

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  • Discipleship Ministry Essay

    Introduction/ History Remembering one’s history is important in creating a productive and successful future. The Met does just that. During the early 1900s, the founding fathers of the Met experienced financial difficulties. These struggles helped orchestrate a new vision and inspired them to create an innovative PATH (prayer, attendance, tithes and offerings, and hospitable invitation), which continues today with nearly 1,100 members. The Metropolitan Baptist Church was established in 1917…

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