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  • How Successful Was The Ottoman Empire

    The Ottoman Empire leaders took the big risk of entering World War I to get big rewards. After the Balkan Wars and all the internal conflicts that the estate had, these decision were supported with the idea of creating a more nationalistic empire, that it would eventually get their lost territory, re-establish control in their different ethnic and religious provinces, and more importantly to revoke capitulations with whatever European power that decided to be allied with the Ottoman goals. The…

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  • Analysis Of Levitsky And Way's International Linkage And Democratization

    The authors also note that parts of the former Soviet Union like Georgia and Armenia were categorized as low-linkage and high-leverage countries. Both these countries were dependent on foreign aid and therefore leveraged by the west. On the other hand, neither Georgia nor any country of the South Caucasus was offered benefits of entering…

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  • Analysis Of King Khosrow And Queen Shirin In The Garden Court

    is besotted. Meanwhile, the confidante has already traveled to Armenia to find the niece of the queen, Shirin. Shirin falls in love with Khosrow after seeing his image and thus, their journey began. A series of unfortunate events separated them, one after another, and it so ends up that as one sets out to find the other in their homeland, so too does the other; thus, they never end up meeting for a long time. Finally they meet in Armenia. Distracted by his beloved, Khosrow fails to protect his…

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  • Out Of Africa Theory: The Origin Of Homo Sapiens

    The tools found in Armenia, Malaysia and Britain could not have originated in Africa due to their age, so people in various regions had the knowledge and intelligence to make modern technology prior to the African migration. Furthermore, fossil evidence in Europe and Asia seem…

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  • Ancient Near East Thematic Analysis

    profound and unexpected shift in the balance of power among the various empires of the region. For the previous 2,000 years, the region of the world bounded by the Mediterranean Sea and by Egypt to its west, caressed by the mountains of Cappadocia and Armenia and the River Araxes to its north, rebuffed by the deserts of Arabia to its south, and blessed with the rivers Tigris and Euphrates and their many tributaries was an arena in which a host of influential and expansionist civilizations had…

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  • The Country Without A Post Office Poem Analysis

    Agaha Shahid Ali’s The Country Without a Post Office stems from the 1990s Kashmir uprising against India, which led to violence and political turmoil in the region for a long time, and closed its post offices for seven months. Ali creates a loose narrative harmonizing with the central themes through repeating images and phrases, and constantly revisiting the flora and fauna of Kashmir. Divided into five sections, each with a small number of poems followed by a few notes, the poems present a…

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  • Self-Identity In One's Personal Life

    Self-identity is extremely important to one’s personal life. Identity is an image, idea, group, or culture that people associate with. What makes identity so unique is that every person creates their own identity. Although it is greatly influenced by one’s environment, it is ultimately the person them self that decides the type of identity they want to be associated with. For example, one might grow up in a neighbourhood that is known for the high rates of crime. As a result, it is very easy for…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Legacy Of War Survivors

    I live my life on a legacy of war survivors. My family's standards toward success have always been a key factor as I was being raised. As a young musician, my grandfather’s optimistic views deteriorated the moment he got drafted for World War II.Appointed as commander in the tanks divison, my grandfather felt his everlasting ego grow as he protected his country.The moment of victory however soon vanished when an oncoming tank shot down my grandfather’s tank, destroying everything in sight. He…

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  • From Two Worlds As A Consake Movie Analysis

    his new Russian wife had become a second mother to the little child. The events begin to get intense when Ashen’s mother’s brother in a gang fight, following by the assassination of the killer, which is the point when the conflict breaks between Armenia and Azerbaijani. Ashen’s mother is forced to hand over her to her father for her own safety. Following the climax of the film in which the two gang fights and Armenians being killed by Azerbaijani citizens, Ashen survives at a cost of losing her…

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  • Black Dog Of Fate Character Analysis

    The children had no knowledge of Armenia, Peter did not even know where it would be on a map. They had no tangible connection to the place, no memories, save for the cryptic folktales Peter’s grandmother would tell and the cuisine. The adults, though American by residence, were Armenian…

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