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  • The Armenian Genocide: The Systematic Destruction Of The Turkish Empire

    thousand years the Armenian people had a made a home for themselves in Eurasia. For some of that time the kingdom was a self governed area but, generally, control of the land moved starting with one realm then onto the next. Amid the fifteenth century, Armenia was consumed into the Ottoman Empire. The rulers of the Ottoman Empire were muslim and highly prejudiced against non-muslims and considered them to be second-class citizens. Non-muslims, such as the Armenians who were Christian, were…

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  • Armenian Genocide Denial

    The Armenian Genocide “The fallout caused by denial was inherited by later generations of Armenians, linking them to the fateful days of 1915, and compelling them to set the record straight.” This was written by author Michael Bobelian, who wrote about not only the events of the Armenian genocide, but the continual denial of it that continues even today. Today, despite pressure from around the world, the Turkish Government still continues to deny the events that occurred against the Armenian…

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  • The Forgotten Genocide

    In today 's culture, when we hear about the World Wars of the 20th Century, we hear about the lives that were lost in combat. We also hear about the infamous Holocaust, where more than 6 million Jews, among others, died during World War II. One such event, like the Holocaust, occurred during World War I. This event is known as “The Forgotten Genocide”, and it took place within the Ottoman Empire. It is estimated that during the early 20th Century, over 1.5 million Christian Armenians in that…

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  • Thesis For Sandcastle Girls

    Thesis: Within the endless sands crossing between, the decaying Ottoman Empire, millions of Armenians were sent on to their deaths by being forced across these sands by the Turkish government. In Chris Bohjalian, Sandcastle Girls, he creates a fictional novel that showcases these atrocities, while entwining the story into personable characters and an engaging story. The thesis of Sandcastle Girls is to create a fictional love story, which allows the reader to gain an understanding of the events…

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  • Armenian Genocide Research Paper

    Katherine Miller Professor Muedini IS 470 21 April 2016 The Armenian Genocide: Ignored but Not Forgotten Gandhi once said, “The enemy is fear. We think it is hate;but, it is fear.” Maybe fear is the motivator of hatred, and fear of the other drives discrimination, mistreatment, and violence. This fear can lead to tension between different groups of people such as different ethnic groups, especially in the cases of majorities and minorities. In the case of the Armenian Genocide, fear of…

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  • Analysis Of Manjana Satrapi's 'Kim Wilde'

    restriction and strong bounder in a country limits the understanding of cultural, political and social aspects of life outside our surrounding. People who live in Iran are limited to have contact to the western world, like importing and exporting items or traveling to this countries is highly prohibited because of word war 2. This affects the people who live in Iran,by limiting their understanding and knowledge about the western . In the story ¨ kim Wilde¨ by Manjana Satrapi, she narrates her…

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  • From Natives To Foreigners Analysis

    From Natives to Foreigners: The Mechanisms of Modernity Who still talks nowadays of the extermination of the Armenians? This question sets the tone, of the overt “events ”of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire, which begs the question, how can these “events” be recognized by both, the Armenian Republic and the Turkish State; but, does not create a discourse to clearly answer what transpired? Regardless of the label used, the result was destruction of virtually every Armenian community in the Ottoman…

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  • Discrimination Against Armenian Genocide

    During the genocide, the Armenian people were discriminated against nonstop. These discrimination factors did not appear once the genocide had started, for hundreds of years the Armenians had been discriminated against while living in the Ottoman Empire. The Armenians had occupied the region in present day Turkey long before the Ottoman Empire came to be. Then, in the sixteenth century, the Armenians were taken over and integrated into the powerful and far-flung Ottoman Empire. Yet as a…

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  • Analysis Of Not Even My Name By Sano Halo

    Written Memoir Not Even My Name by Thea Halo tells the story of a girl whose life was torn apart by war and conflict. The story illustrates the struggles and experiences of Sano Halo (her real name is Themia), who was robbed of a childhood as a result of the genocide of Greeks, Assyrians, and Armenians living in Turkey. This genocide, which was not well known and even denied, occurred during or after World War I. The story is littered with parallels to the Holocaust, most notably—the…

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  • The Armenian Genocide And The Turkification

    The Armenians were treated very poorly, killed in many different ways and the Turkification had begun. The Turkish government had declared war on the Ottoman Empire. Armenians were arrested and sent on death marches out into the Mesopotamian desert with no food or water during World War I. The Turkification campaign had begun. They consisted of government squads of the Turkish. Their job was to kidnap Armenian children and convert them into Islam. Once that is complete they gave them to Turkish…

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