Arctic Circle

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  • The Importance Of Solar Power

    Solar power is one of the three main energy sources associated with alternative energy amongst hydro and wind. In today’s world, the need for this alternative energy is at an all-time high as fossil fuels and other conventional sources of energy are beginning to damage this planet’s ecosystem at an alarming rate. Solar energy, although not completely pollution-free, is an inexhaustible fuel source. Every hour energy from the sun is sent into Earth’s atmosphere and within this hour, there is…

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  • Hearties Reunion Analysis

    Since the Hearties reunion has done so well for the past two years, what are the projections for a third one? If Hearties help earn us a Season five, we will absolutely throw a third version of the Hearties Family Reunion in Vancouver. I’m convinced that this worldwide Hearties movement is not a fluke and that it’s the single biggest reason why the show has continued through four seasons. But I also believe the Hearties are bigger than WCTH. This is a movement… community… that can outlive…

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  • Where Are You From?-Personal Narrative Analysis

    I’m a military child, and as such, it’s always an awkward thing when someone asks me: “Where are you from?” I don’t really know, I can’t pinpoint an exact place where I can say: “I’m from so-and-so.” I can tell you where my family spent a lot time though, where the memories are the deepest, and the places I felt a strong connection to. Alaska is such a place. There’s nowhere in the world like Alaska, and I can say that with extreme clarity because my father has been everywhere. He’ll say…

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  • Alaskan Native History

    Alaskan Native History Alaskan Native Indians are people that migrated to North America approximately 1,300 years ago from the Eurasian continent. They had developed intricate cultural lines and pioneered advanced methods for surviving the fridged Arctic climate using nothing but what was available in nature. For this reason, the Alaskan Natives developed a deep cultural bond with the land that was also rich with materials useless to them such as gold and oil. This situation along with abundant…

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  • The Importance Of Events In The Twentieth Century

    Always learning A lot of events occurred during the twentieth century that in my eyes changed humans. Some for the better some for the worst and you always hear people say we learn about the past so that we don’t repeat it again. I strongly believe this statement because with every event, good or bad, we learn from it. There are many views of what has happened in the world, but I believe that we have learned something from each event. Not everything that happened during that time period was…

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  • Playing God In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein '

    Genesis 1:27 states, "God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him". This biblical proclamation renders the belief that humans are created in God’s likeness, therefore, each is equal. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein illustrates a similar biblical depiction of creation­ where the monster is made in the image of its creator. Using the body parts of dead humans, Victor Frankenstein successfully brings life to his creation, and discovers the secret to animation. In a sense…

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  • Coral Reef Climate Change

    rise of acidity in the reefs.Ocean acidification are also changing the coral reefs and are exceeding rates of calcium carbonate: CaCO3. Symbiosis, where two organisms rely on each other for survival, is a basic example of the circle of life. Well the Coral Reefs are a circle and if you take out the reefs the organisms lose a home. This loss will leave the marine wildlife bland, literally. The stress ocean acidification has on the corals can be too much. The corals expel zooxanthellae from their…

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  • Changing Environment Essay

    about 1.5 millimeters a year. This is not considering the 2-millimeter of water added yearly rise caused by expansion of the warming ocean, therefore, in total the rise is about 3.5 millimeters. On top of that, the permafrost is melting from the arctic circle and the villages are being affected by it. Out of 213 Alaska Native villages, 184 have been seriously affected by the melting of the permafrost. Permafrost produces methane, that is deadly, it is like 2 times worse than carbon dioxide. This…

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  • The English Colonial Empire

    and its colonies, the geographical position of the England, the construction of a great navy to protect trade and to compete with other colonial powers, the plantation commodities controlled by the England, colonial expansion driven by the business circles of London instead of the government (gentleman capitalism), the population boom and increasing production in the colonies thanks to the Puritan migration, the victories of England over Spain, France and Dutch Republic in the naval and land…

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  • Reading Intervention Lesson Plan

    (transitions, management, accommodations)?Did you teach the plan you made? For reading intervention, I planned to read the emergent reader. Then we would color it. For reading centers, we painted with shaving cream and glue. We made habitats for the arctic animals we learned about last week. For ELA centers, we wrote down the main idea of a story, and then drew a picture to match it. For transitions we planned on having the students go in the assigned groups that they have been working with. For…

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