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  • Linum Case Study

    values for various agro-morphological traits of linseed S.No. Traits Source Replication Genotypes Error df 2 18 36 1 Seed yield per plot (g) 0.26 3.93** 0.02 2 1000 Seed Weight (g) 0.76 7.07** 0.04 3 Plant Height (cm) 4.99 329.63** 1.32 4 Technical Height (cm) 3.82 137.04** 1.32 5 Primary branch 1.14 21.74** 0.10 6 Secondary branch 0.84 13.71**…

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  • Reflective Essay: Silent Spring In My Environmental Class

    So while I still read about the potential effects the desalination plants, especially the proposed one in Huntington Beach and think that it is a clear decision. I look at the high cost of not only the plant but the water it produces. I look at the alternatives like the subsurface infiltration gallery that has been so effective in Japan and doesn’t have the same drastic effects on ocean…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Extinction Of Animals

    The extinction of animals and living organisms is something most humans do not put into perspective, possibly until it’s almost too late. For example, humans don 't realise that their everyday lives are build around these creatures; what we eat, how we breathe, and how our world develops. I myself never thought about a world without whales, manta rays, tigers, plankton and owls and how important they are in my life until I came across the documentary Racing Extinction and the book Sustaining…

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  • Leaf Cutter Ant Research Paper

    in every ecosystem. Bacteria for instance have a mutualistic relationship with Legumes. Specifically, the bacteria Rhizobia. When the bacteria enters the root, ammonia is created from the nitrogen in the air. And from this, the plant uses it to create amino acids. The plant then provides sugar for the bacteria. A parasitic relationship between bacteria and a human host would be the bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. This bacteria is known to be extremely contagious and deadly to humans,…

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  • Ant And Grasshopper Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    MORAL DILEMMA Ant and Grasshopper Stephanie Gardner Should the ant give food to the grasshopper? Yes and no. Now I say both for a variety of different reasons. I have a feeling that the ant in this situation is not mean enough to just let the grasshopper go hungry. But is the grasshopper allowed to just get off without any punishment for not working hard? This is a classic argument of mercy verses justice. The ant can't show the grasshopper the mercy that he desires and at the same time have…

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  • What Is The Increased Efflux Of Mimosa Pudica

    response of a plant to touch or vibration) and how it utilizes the transport of K+ in the pulvinar cells (the thickening at the base of a leaflet that causes the movement of the leaflet based on differing turgor pressure in these cells). They tested many hypotheses regarding the seismonastic reaction in the Mimosa pudica, one of which tested whether there was an increased efflux of K+ from pulvinar cells during stimulation. The experimenters used all home-grown Mimosa pudica (sensitive…

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  • Mycelia Agar Essay

    The fungi Alternaria is a phyto-pathogen cause leaf blight disease to variety of plants. Alternaria alternata and Alternaria helianthi was isolated from Dalbergia sissoo L. and Helianthus annuus L. respectively. Test antagonists grow faster than the pathogen and produced inhibition zones thereby limiting the growth of the pathogen. These antagonistic interactions influence the incidence and severity of the disease caused by the pathogen. When the two Alternaria spp. were tested by dual culture…

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  • Vaquita Research Paper

    Maisy Berger Is the World’s Most Rare Marine Animal Going to See 2018? Introduction Discovered in 1958, the Vaquita is now a critically endangered species. Classified as endangered by Mexico in 1975 and by the United States of America in 1979, the Vaquita now only has 30 individuals left in their species. These beautiful creatures are part of the porpoise family. They grow to be about five feet and usually weigh around a hundred and twenty pounds. The Vaquita are animals that thrive in a…

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  • Carbon Cycle Research Paper

    the key elements in photosynthesis, which is when plants make sugars for energy. In order for the ecosystem to function properly, all parts need an adequate supply of carbon. This is usually not a problem since nature is efficient at carbon cycling. Since the process is a cycle, we need to pick some place to begin. Carbon Cycle Steps The carbon cycle is basically a three step process involving photosynthesis and respiration. Green plants…

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  • Kew Gardens By Virginia Woolf

    Judd Ivy Judd Hensley Honours English/4th Period 26th January 2017 Kew Gardens by Virginia Woolf Summary The beginning of Kew Gardens starts off as a description of the garden. It puts a strong emphasis on the colors of the flower petals, leaves and the soil in the garden. The colors red, blue and yellow are repeated a great amount along with the shape of the flower?s leaves. Then introduces a snail, who is a recurring character throughout the story, as he moves slowly across the ground. The…

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