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  • A Room: A Short Story

    The vague smell of spew and chemicals linger in the air. Flowers sitting on the side table. Trying to fight it. The room feels cold and has a slight spooky feeling to it, almost like someone has passed away recently in this room. The room has strips of sun shadowing through the gaps from the cheap blinds, which are hanging from the graffitied window frame. Medical machines are placed around the perimeter of the room. Just the single bed situated in the centre. The beeps of the machines are…

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  • Eat A Bug Analysis

    The texts “Eat Your Bugs” by Miguel Vilar and Laura Allen and “Insect Farmers...” by The Washington Post have both Persuade and say that bugs are healthy. irst, both of the articles persuade. For example, on page 21 of “Eat Your Bugs” the text states that you should try eating bugs. Similarly, on page 1of “Insect Farmers” it says that Americans should start eating bugs. And on page 1 of Insect farmers it says that many people don’t care if there is bugs in their salad. This is similar because on…

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  • Cherry Blossom Essay

    Cherry Blossom is Japanese festival. In Japanese term, cherry blossom known as "Sakura". The flower of genus Prunus trees bloom in the spring season, which consider as Cherry Blossom. These are White and Pink flowers. The Cherry Blossom is assumed to be a native of the Himalayas. It looks marvelous when the Cherry trees bloom at its peak. You must visit it once. National cherry blossom festival Washington DC In 1912 Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo had gifted 3000 Cherry trees to City of Washington…

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  • Case Study Of Linum Usitassimum

    Linum usitassimum is an annual herb belonging to the family Linaceae. The plant is indigenous to west Asia and the Mediterranean. Seed oil of this plant used commercially in the painting and varnishing due to its polymerization properties when exposed to the air and sun light. It is also used as an astringent in fungicidal lotion and an insecticide. Seed oil are reported to rich in essential fatty acids like omega-3- fatty acids (linolenic acid, 35-67%), omega-6- fatty acids (linoleic acid,…

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  • Differences Between Saptwood And Sapwood

    All wood in growing trees contains a considerable amount of water which is commonly called sap. Water is contained in wood as either bound water or free water. The bound water is held within cell walls by bonding forces between water and cellulose molecules, while the free water is contained in the cell cavities and is not held by these forces. The amount of water in wood can be calculated and expressed as a percent of the dry weight is called the “Moisture Content” (MC). The hygroscopic nature…

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  • Difference Between Endangered And Endangered Animals Accessed December 13th, 2017 “Discover the Asian Elephant!” IUCN Red List 50, 12 Aug. 2015, Accessed December 13th, 2017 “Tiger.” San Diego Zoo Global Animals and Plants, Accessed January 2nd, 2018. "File:Amur Leopard 3.jpg." Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. 25 Nov 2017, 22:54 UTC. 2 Jan 2018, 19:03 (-- removed HTML --) . Author: Mitch Merry, Digital…

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  • Rotavator Case Study

    Rotavator Saeed Firouzi and Mohammadreza Alizadeh (2012) [1]: has performed field experiment to evaluate different weeding method for groundnut. The weeding method included two power tiller operated weeders Cultivator and Rotavator. Study was carried out at three different forward speeds of 1, 1.5 and 2km/hr. For all the factors Rotavator gave superior results than Cultivator. The maximum soil manipulation was achieved by Rotavator at lowest forward speed of 1km/hr. which leads to higher crop…

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  • Linum Case Study

    values for various agro-morphological traits of linseed S.No. Traits Source Replication Genotypes Error df 2 18 36 1 Seed yield per plot (g) 0.26 3.93** 0.02 2 1000 Seed Weight (g) 0.76 7.07** 0.04 3 Plant Height (cm) 4.99 329.63** 1.32 4 Technical Height (cm) 3.82 137.04** 1.32 5 Primary branch 1.14 21.74** 0.10 6 Secondary branch 0.84 13.71**…

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  • Reflective Essay: Silent Spring In My Environmental Class

    So while I still read about the potential effects the desalination plants, especially the proposed one in Huntington Beach and think that it is a clear decision. I look at the high cost of not only the plant but the water it produces. I look at the alternatives like the subsurface infiltration gallery that has been so effective in Japan and doesn’t have the same drastic effects on ocean…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Extinction Of Animals

    The extinction of animals and living organisms is something most humans do not put into perspective, possibly until it’s almost too late. For example, humans don 't realise that their everyday lives are build around these creatures; what we eat, how we breathe, and how our world develops. I myself never thought about a world without whales, manta rays, tigers, plankton and owls and how important they are in my life until I came across the documentary Racing Extinction and the book Sustaining…

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