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  • Exotica Flower Shop Case Study

    1. Executive summary: (M) The Fiore Shop website provides different range of fresh flowers, which comes from different countries that export rare kind of flowers. Our shop is having a website that include different flowers details. For each business or website business, there is team who work hard to reach the success, there is a manager to manage products and policies. In addition, operations team which are for receiving, picking and shipping products, technical team that is for managing…

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  • The Detrimental Effects Of Deforestation And Pollution

    that comes with deforestation, either. In fact, the very notion of taking down forests leads to the endangerment and extinction of hundreds of species. Sample and Cheng, authors of Forest Conservation Policy: A Reference Handbook, emphasize that, “Plant and animal species, many of them dependent on forest ecosystems, are quietly going extinct—at a rate faster than at any time since a comet smashed into Earth 60 million years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs” (1). Deforestation is eliminating…

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  • Chrysanthemum Belliam Research Paper

    Chrysanthemum belliam The Chrysanthemum belliam is an organism that belongs to the Domain Eukarya and Plantae Kingdom. Chrysanthemum are flowering plants native of northern eastern Europe and East Asia. However, this particular species of Chrysanthemum, belliam, was recently discovered in the western part of Africa, around the Gold Coast. The coastal climate of this region in Africa has produced an abundance of Chrysanthemum belliam, so lets take an indepth look at this beautiful unique…

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  • Road Salt Analysis

    Introduction Finally, a warm day after a harsh winter, so what can you expect, all the ice/snow melting and flowing into our drains or into our grass, soil, and plants (Gould, 2013). Alongside with the ice/snow melting away into our environments so is that salt that was previously used to treat the roads (Gould, 2013). Roadside vegetation can become injured or die to due to the runoff from the treated pavements (Gould, 2013). The salt used for treated pavements is usually chloride-based and is…

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  • Ethical Issues In Forensic Research

    Plants have four major periods of plant evolution that are marked terrestrial adaption. First is the origin of gametangia, which protects the embryo or sperm of plant. Second is the origin of vascular tissue it conduct water and nutrients. Third is the origin of seed where the embryo is protected from desiccation and other dangers…

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  • The Social Influence Of Pineapples In South America

    pineapples a long time before North, Central, or South America were "found". Christopher Columbus was among the essential people from the old world to taste the results of the dirt is kept that he passed on it down to Europe with him. By then, the plants were being produced in Mexico and in…

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  • Animal Extinction

    Our planet is in the middle of the sixth mass extinction of mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and plants. We are currently experiencing the worst case of extinction than the dinosaurs which was 65 million years ago. Extinction may be a natural event but there has been a recent increase of species extinction from 1000 to 10,000 per year. This means in the future we may lose species every day [1]. Before extinction was caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruption and climate change but this…

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  • Jacaranda

    predation is affected by temperature we can know the ideal conditions for the tree to use sufficient water because an increase in predation would mean a decrease in the growth of the tree therefore saving water leading to more water for surrounding plants and a sustainable amount of water for the humans to consume. History of the Jacranda Jacaranda trees were first introduced to South Africa in 1880, they were imported from Argentina for decoration purposes and is native to the tropical and…

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  • Amur Leopard Essay

    Description: One of the most critically endangered big cats with only 35 left in the world. They have been critically endangered since 1996. If the amur leopard becomes fully extinct this will cause the ecosystem to become unstable. Reasons why they are critically endangered/threats include habitat loss. It is estimated that between 1970-1983, the Amur leopard lost an 80% of its territory. They will have nowhere else to go. deforestation cutting down trees, Poaching illegal trade, prey being…

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  • Essay On Poaching

    “At the end of 2013, there were an estimated 500,000 African elephants living in the world. 95 percent of the elephant population has been killed during the last 100 years”. Human activity is leading to extinction of many species. While some laws are banning poaching, it continues to become a severe issue. Kenya, for instance, is struggling to protect elephan.It has negative effects on both the environment and the economy in Kenya. Since the population of elephants declines, the number of…

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