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  • The Nude In Western Art Analysis

    I see a young man with curly long hair wearing nothing but a hat, a long cloth wrapped around his left arm, and sandals. I also notice something on his chest that looks like a bandage and he is holding an apple with his left hand. As for his body language and position, he is not standing completely straight since most of his weight is on his left foot, while his right foot is standing at an opposite angle. In addition, I notice that he is touching his chin with his right finger while looking…

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  • Elspeth's Castle: A Short Story

    “You would need to go back to Elspeth’s Castle and steal one of her potion.” said Maurice. “Elspeth’s Castle? Why do I need to go there?” asked Nomi. “A long time ago, Elspeth had an accident when she was trying to gain control of the well of weathers. She had begun to use a spell to bring forth the forces of the well, but as she was casting her spell something went wrong. There was a big explosion that surrounded her. It ripped her heart out of her body. With a few moments to spare before…

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  • The Importance Of Eve On Adam And Eve

    When Satan set’s his eyes upon Adam and Eve, it is doubtful they he knew how easy it would be to corrupt their minds. Eve, in my opinion was probably the easiest to manipulate and that is why Satan was delighted to come upon her first rather than Adam. Eve, is just like any other woman, so it is quite easy to distinguish what one needs to do to get on her good graces. Due to it being Eve, Satan tempted her with his evil offer by using flattery on her. Apparently flattery will get you anywhere.…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Gender Schema Theory

    I envisioned a ranch with endless acres of apple trees blooming, a quaint house near the back with various farm animals roaming around, a Father and Mother watching their children play amongst each other on a sunny spring afternoon. I’ve seen this farm in person, it’s now commercialized for the local sale of apples from the trees that still reside to this day. The sole structure of the old modest adobe home still stands, no roof, just the greenery that’s surrounded and grown throughout the home…

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  • Personal Narrative: My New Home In The US

    squinting face as I glanced up at the magnificent blue sky decorated with white, fluffy clouds that resembled cotton candy. I was outside exploring the vast backyard while barefoot. It was my first morning in the United States. My stepfather, my siblings, and I had arrived seven hours ago from the Philippines to our new home in Rhode Island from the T. F. Green Airport at around midnight. Last night was my first time seeing my mother in a year. I was furious, imprudent, depressed. Since I was…

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  • Safe Haven Character Analysis

    “Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They are both fruit, but taste completely different.” (Stephen King). In Nicholas Spark’s novel Safe Haven and Marty Bowen’s movie Safe haven this is the case. In this story a wife that is being abused runs away for abusive husband. Her husband, an investigator, tries to find out where she went. After finding love she starts to make a new family; however, her abuser finds out and threatens her new family. When a movie is made from a book, they…

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  • Palmtob Case Study

    History Peter-Frans Pauwels and Pieter Geelen were just graduated at the University of Amsterdam when they started a company in 1991 named Palmtob. The company Palmtob, developed applications for the first generation of handled computers. In that time most of the applications ware mostly for the business use. Thereafter they started to develop from dictionaries and personal finance to games and route planners. The company grew quickly especially after the great success of the Palm Pilot in 1996,…

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  • How Did Steve Jobs Change The World

    birth parents knew they would not have enough money to support him so they let the Jobs family adopt him. Steve met his lifelong friend Steve Wozniak when he was young. The two would go on to make the world's first PC and the billion dollar company Apple inc. Steve Jobs died October 5th, 2011 in his home surrounded by his family. Steve Jobs was an eyewitness to the rise in technology.…

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  • Essay On Eating Bananas

    6 super benefits of bananas, № 2 is a surprise! Do you know which the most popular fruit is? Apples? No, you’re wrong. According to most studies banana are the most consumed fruit in the USA. It shouldn’t be a surprise. Bananas are sweet, tasty and healthy. But I’m sure that you haven’t thought about what the health benefits of eating a banana are. Don’t worry. I’m going to tell you everything in details. Here I’ve prepared a list of the most awesome qualities of the bananas. I’m sure that…

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  • Juxtaposition Analysis In Levitt's Freakonomics

    the book Freakonomics, by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, Steven Levitt compares two subjects by juxtaposition analysis. Juxtaposition analysis is the comparison of two seemingly unrelated subjects and shows how they are similar, like comparing apples and oranges. They are two very different fruits with different tastes and uses; however they both are considered fruit, and have seeds. Both need water and sunlight to grow, and both grow on a tree and can be grafted. Levitt and Dubner compare…

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