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  • The Western Apache's Wisdom Sits In Places

    The Western Apache and their Sense of Place The Western Apache Native culture is a very distinct way of life because of the importance they place on place-naming and landscapes. Keith Basso describes the intricate and intriguing methods the Apache employed during the course of their history as a whole to depict and understand the world around them. The idea of Wisdom Sits in Places begins with how the Western Apache sought to orchestrate their path of wisdom by wedding landscapes and places to…

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  • Wisdom Sits In Places Essay

    Mountain Apache tribe in Arizona. To the Apache people, lands are not just private properties that are bought and sold. Land to the Apache hold a great deal of influence. The land also is the greatest tie the modern Apache have with their ancestors. Throughout the Wisdom Sits in Places reading, one can learn how the Apache uses land names to tell stories, teach lessons, and acts as life’s guide to live the Apache way. The Apache people revere their land. The book gives examples how the Apache…

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  • Compare And Contrast Columbus And Indians

    utilitarian ways of surviving in harsh seasons of the United States. One of the most captivating tribes was the Apache tribe, acknowledged for their survival through relocation disruptions caused by the threats from contiguous tribes. The Apaches became famously known for their stealth attacks upon other tribes in hopes of attaining their food and livestock. They were one of the few tribes to…

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  • Quinceanera Analysis

    left the little girl and became a young woman. In “Apache girl” she went through obstacles to become an Apache Girl and to let go of the little girl she was. I relate to “Apache Girl” because when I turn 15 I’m going to have a Quinceanera because that is a family tradition my family and I have. Since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to have a Quinceanera just like the girl in “Apache Girl” the girl wanted to become an Apache girl. Being an Apache Girl and Having a Quinceanera are very…

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  • Native Americans In The Film Broken Arrow

    According to the Native American historian Ward Churchill, who analyzed Native Americans in film around the 1930s, there were three typical patterns in which Native Americans were depicted in the era preceding WWII. Churchill contended that the three themes consistently implied that Native Americans are primitive beings, that they lack significant history, and that all Native Americans were the same. Although these stereotypes were common for Native Americans in the 1930s, these patterns were…

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  • Keith Basso: A Place In Places

    construction of a “place-world” as culture activity. He highlighted that “we are, in a sense, the place-worlds we imagine” (Basso 1996: 7). They can either have descriptive names or commemorative names. Just as specific places are meaningful to the Western Apache, such as “Big Cottonwood Trees Stand Here And There,” “Coarse-Textured Rocks Lie Above In A Compact Cluster,” and “Men Stand Above Here And There,” the Wardroom of NROTC at CU Boulder is a specific place that is meaningful to me and…

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  • Common Trope Language In Culture

    people and cultures. The previously mentioned Western Apache, have a relatively clear understanding of the “whitemen” or Anglo-Americans language; Consequently, they understand the Anglo-American fairly. Despite their frequent communication with Anglo-Americans and understanding of their culture, the Western Apache are almost always trying to remain as culturally separate from Anglo-Americans as possible. (Basso 1979, 30). Some Western Apache even advise their children, “Don’t be like white…

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  • Hondo Movie Analysis

    story of a dispatch rider who comes upon a woman named Angie and her son named Johnny living alone in Apache territory. Hondo becomes fond of the family but leaves shortly after arriving. He is forced to kill Angie’s husband when he goes back to town in self-defense. Hondo goes out to ride again to return to Angie and Johnny, but is captured by the Apache and is to be executed for killing an Apache Indian. He is saved from death by a picture of Johnny being found in his possession. Because of…

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  • Wisdom Sit In Places Analysis

    evidence that Hamlet actually did live there. It is the wonder that he did that gives it its’ significance. Basso explores this idea further through the history of the Western Apache Indians. He explores history in a different way than one would usually think. Anglo-American history is interpreted very different from the way the Apaches interpret history. Anglo-American history detaches people from their landscape and focuses more of dating historical events and putting…

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  • Iroquois Creation Legend Analysis

    and other teachings I grow up with. I will be looking at the Apache, Navajo, and Iroquois creation myth and legend stories. One of the first American Indian creation I read was the Iroquois creation legend. Their story tells us that immortals one where also no new sky people where born. They lived on floating island in the sky. The world below them was covered in water. Where birds and other…

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